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Best Adult Tricycles in 2023

    Tricycles have always been known to be the vehicle that can help people best with balance issues. With today’s tricycles becoming lighter, stronger, higher quality than ever, tricycles are becoming one of the most convenient and popular vehicles among not only kids and seniors, but also adults. Since people’s needs and preferences vary from one another, there are not one ultimate, perfect adult tricycles for every one of us. However, you might want to get a bike with durable materials, easy to mount, can store superior capacity, stability, and provides a smooth ride. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek the perfect bike that suits your needs. 
    Therefore, we have rounded some of the most trending and well-reviewed best adult tricycles in 2023 for you to choose from. Whether you are an avid cyclist or a newbie to trikes, these picks will surely catch your attention. After reading this, we guarantee that you will want to get yourself a bike very soon. So, let’s go through the list of the best adult tricycles now.

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    List of Best Adult Tricycles in 2023

    10. MOPHOTO Adult Tricycles 

    MOPHOTO Adult 3 Wheel Bike

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    First and foremost, let us introduce you to the brand new MOPHOTO three 24 inches wheels bike, which is convenient for all ages. With its creative design that has a super nice body, multi-color options weigh 60 pounds and are so easy to assemble. Moreover, the handlebar allows you can alter the bike speed in 7 levels. Furthermore, this is a really amazing gift for elders, as we know, most of them are weak. Therefore, MOPHOTO creates a back-up seat that could support well and prevent from falling off the bike. On top of that, this awesome tricycle comes with a rear basket (18 inches long, 22 inches wide, 11 inches tall) and is absolutely removable.
    More importantly, this basket is specially designed for storing goods and taking your cats and dogs around. Also, on the side of the 24 inches wheels, there are spoke reflections that help you a lot when riding in the dark. Plus, this three-wheel bike is also good for small kids who are learning how to ride without falling. 
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • Multi-color options
    • Back-up seat support
    • Big and Study Rear basket 

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Unclear instructions

    9. VIRIBUS 3 Wheel Unisex Trike Bike 

    Viribus Adult Tricycle Three Wheel Trike Bike

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    Not only is riding is just for exercise but also for adventure, so it’s crucial for choosing the right bike for yourself. It is built from high-carbon steel and a sturdy frame that provide a smooth and safe ride. Moreover, it is perfect for all ages especially for those who are physically alimented. More importantly, the self-balance design prevents beginners from falling off. Furthermore, a perfect fit saddle is also important, therefore VIRIBUS provides the super fit and height adjustments. 
    Additionally, it comes with 2 special baskets with different functions: A front basket (13.1 x 9.6 x 8.6 inches) with a 44 pounds load capacity, which you can put small stuff and your pet in. Also, the removable large rear basket that holds up to 220 pounds, which you can remove and wheel through your favorite shopping stores. Aside from that, it comes with a small bell, a protective chain, and a safety lock which provides the best security. As a result, with this bike, you can enjoy riding in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful blue sky. 
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • Good for all ages especially elders
    • Perfect fit saddle 
    • Extra basket and removable 
    • Strong frame 
    • One-year warranty

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Have to take a few tries to get the brake ready

    8. VANELL Tricycle for Young and Senior with Rear Basket 

    VANELL Tricycle for young and senior with rear basket

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    Let’s welcome the VANELL tricycle for all ages. This tricycle is constructed from high-quality steel weights up to 380 lbs., provides 2 choices 24 inches and 26 inches diameters. Moreover, you will love the amazing body, and especially there are many colors such as blue, faded-pink, faded purple, hot-pink, mint-yellow, mint-green, red, stripes stars, white, and yellow. Undoubtedly, this is the best gift for seniors and youngsters.  More importantly, VANELL 3 wheels bike is designed self-balanced, which provides a stable and smooth ride.
    Furthermore, you will fall in love with the speed adjustment and the back-up seat which supports and prevent you from falling off the bike. Also for those who enjoy shopping, it comes with a rear basket that you can put your pet in and store your goods from the grocery store and your favorite one. Thanks to the detailed instruction, you can effortlessly put it all together and enjoy your time exercising with the bike and shopping without thinking about how to bring all your large amount of goods back home. 
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • Height and speed adjustment 
    • Affordable price
    • Can exchange or return in 30 days 
    • Back-up seat

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Hard and complicated to get the brake work 
    • Poor material basket 

    7. MOPHOTO 7 Speed Rear Derailleur Tricycles 

    MOPHOTO 7 Speed Rear Derailleur tricycles with back-up seat for adults and seniors

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    We bring you another MOPHOTO 3 wheels bike, which provides 2 sizes: 24 inches wheel diameter (suitable for rider heights 4’11’’ to 5’10’’) and 26 inches wheel diameter (suitable for rider heights 5’3’’ to 6’2’’). It is made of high-quality tensile steel TIG welded frame and can support up to 350lbs in the delicate apple green color. On top of that,  users will definitely love the backrest seat, which supports your back and relieve back pain, especially for elders. Also, the super-fit saddle is really comfortable and convenient for a long ride.
    Furthermore, this is designed for those who love shopping. Besides, it comes with a large rear basket that is able to stock your belonging from your favorite stores and you can even ride your lovely cats and dogs around. Other than that, there’s no worry even if there is any damaged part, MOPHOTO will replace the new one for you. So, you can ride the bike around the town enjoying the view and fresh air with this delicate and stunning body of the MOPHOTO tricycle.  
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • Refund and return within 30 days 
    • One-year warranty
    • Backrest seat
    • Perfect fit saddle 
    • Large rear basket 

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Poor-quality materials

    6. MOBO Triton 3 Wheel Bike

     MOBO Triton Kid 3 Wheel Bike

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    Nowadays, kids love spending time on phones and their personal computers more than playing outdoor. So, this MOPO 16 inches wheel bike is designed for exercising, keep them fit, and enjoy the outdoors. This tricycle is constructed from the last-longing Hi-ten steel frame, with an exquisite body, and provides 3 color options: red, pink, and blue. Moreover, the 16 inches wheels diameter and seat about 11 inches from the ground, which is suitable for kids from age 7 to 12 years old. Also, the 3 wheels provide maximum stability. 
    Furthermore, they will love the steer, which offers smooth skilled move with effortless hand movement and an extendable frame that you can adjust to your size. Besides, the innovative design with cushioned back support provides a comfortable feeling and avoid back pain. Plus, you can be worry-free about flat tires due to the fact that it provides inflatable rubber tires. Thus, with this MOBO tricycle, your kids will leave the phone and enjoy their day outdoors. 
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • Comfy back-seat support 
    • Smooth ride 
    • Inflatable rubber tired

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Really hard to assemble 

    5. MOBO Triton Pro Adult Recumbent Bike 

    MOBO Triton Pro Adult Recumbent Bike

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    Let us displays you with another MOBO recumbent bike for adults, which has a really nice body in 4 color options such as red, silver, blue, and orange. This is really suitable gift for the elders. Moreover,  the 3 wheels provide maximum stability. Furthermore, you will love the innovative design that allows you to adjust the frame that perfectly fits your size from 4’2” to 6’3’’ and weights up to 250 pounds. More importantly, this is built from the durable Hi-ten steel frame, thus there is no worry about the poor materials thing. 
    Aside from that, it provides a smooth ride with dual-joystick steering that you can control effortlessly.  Also, the ergonomic design provides a back-up seat that supports and relieves back pain. More than that,  this MOBO CRUISER company always provide customers satisfaction. Therefore, you can enjoy cruising and exercising with the beautiful blue sky and fresh day.  
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • No balance required 
    • Provide really smooth ride 
    • Size adjustment 

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Peddles keep falling off 

    4. VANELL Mountain Tricycle For All Ages and Genders

    VANELL Mountain Tricycle for men, women, youth, and seniors

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    We proudly present you with another VANELL bike brand, which is designed to make your life much easier. Designed with an exquisite body and in delicate colors such as blue, black, blue+ green, cyan, and many more colors, you will have a happy time choosing a bike color you love. Moreover, the 3 wheels provide maximum stability and weights up to 400 lbs. In addition, this tricycle is constructed from durable frames and shifters provide a superior sporty feeling. Furthermore, you might love the brake, which is convenient for mountain rides and you can effortlessly control. 
    Besides, the large rear basket (18 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 11 inches tall) weights up to 60lbs. Hence, you can enjoy shopping and store it there or you can ride around with your pet. Plus, no trouble if you don’t like the color, you can exchange or return it within 30 days. All in all, with this tricycle, you can ride up the mountain, enjoying the fresh air without any doubt. 
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • 1-year warranty 
    • Can exchange and return within 30 days 
    • Large rear basket
    • Beautiful color

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Hard to assemble 

    3. MOPHOTO Adult 24 Inches/ 26 Inches Tricycles

    MOPHOTO Adult 24 inches 26 inches tricycles

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    MOPHOTO always brings you the best and makes your life easier. Here is another MOPHOTO 3 wheels bike, which has 2-wheel size options: 24 inches and 26 inches. And with this innovative design, which is 30 inches in width of rear wheels,  it is easy to get through the door. Moreover, you will love the exquisite body and come in more than 10 colors such as bright green, coral red, cyan-yellow, electric pink, faded yellow, light sea green, light violet, magic blue, neon purple, pink, royal blue, snow white, star strips, true red, warm blue, and warm yellow. Apart from that, 3 wheels provide superior stability, which is the best gift for beginners and seniors. Also, seniors might love the backup seat, which supports, provides a safe feeling, and relieves back pain. 
    Besides, the package includes the mini bell, multi-function wrench, screwdriver, chain rivet extractor, and water bottle cage, which you can have whenever you want. Furthermore, the large basket rear, which is designed for those who love shopping so that they can store their belong and ride them home by themselves. However, if you don’t feel satisfied with the color or if there is any problem, you can return or exchange in 30 days. 
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • Many beautiful color choices 
    • Backup seat support 
    • Large basket 
    • 1-year warranty 
    • Exchange, return and refund within 30 days

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Hard to put it all together, unclear instruction
    • Poor materials

    2. MOBO 3 Wheels Recumbent Bike 

    MOBO 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike 

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    Here comes another MOBO shift 3 wheels bike, which is suitable for all ages.  Moreover, it comes with a really nice steel frame body that has 3 color options such as: blue, black, and red. In addition, this trike bike comes with a single-speed with reverse function and hand caliper brake for any emergency circumstances, so the rider can enjoy more with a satisfied and safe mood. Furthermore, with movable back support that is adjustable to 6 different angles, you will feel comfortable and release your back pain. 
    Besides, with the adjustable frame, you set it to fit your body so that you can receive a smooth ride with a suit to you. With 20’’ front wheel and 16’’ rear wheels with inflatable rubber tires, your day would be more awesome with the new challenging outdoor activity with this perfect bike trike. Plus, you can trust this quality recumbent bike with confidence and no balance required to make your day with your lovely people more fun and enjoyable. 
    Take-Home into Consideration 

    • Flexible back seat support 
    • Smooth ride 
    • A safe outdoor activity with your dog 
    • Suitable with nether adult or kids

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Poor materials

    1. SCHWINN MERIDIAN 26 Inches Wheel Cruiser Bike

    SCHWINN MERIDIAN 26 Inches Wheel Cruiser Bike

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    We present you with the brand-new SCHWINN bike, which is founded in Chicago, 1895. SCHWINN always provides confidence and allows people to experience the freedom of riding a superior bike. This cruiser bike is designed in a very stylish body, which comes in many colors: black, black cherry, blue, dark silver, green, periwinkle red, slate blue, and white. Moreover, it is suitable for those 5’4’’ to 6’2’’ in height and the lower frame that is easy to step through.
    Furthermore, you might love the single speed that provides a smooth ride and brake that you can effortlessly control. More than that, you will feel excited with the extra-large rear basket that allows you to put your belonging there (perfect for those who love shopping). With this bike, you can also ride and go shopping through a grocery store and ride around the town feeling the fresh air and blue sky. 
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Easy to mount and unmount 
    • Large capacity basket 
    • Smooth ride 
    • Delicate colors 

    A Little to Perfection 

    • Complicated instruction
    • Take a long time to put it all together. 

    How to Set up Adult Tricycle? Check it out now.

    Buying Guides To Choosing Best Adult Tricycles in 2023


    It is crucial to choose tricycles with strong and durable materials. No one wants to spend money on a bike and see it damaged. Especially when it comes to the bike frames, you need to carefully check the materials before purchasing a tricycle. Normally, materials used to produce a bike frame include aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, alloy, and titanium. However, the two most widely used materials are steel and aluminum.
    Due to the fact aluminum is lightweight and sturdy, most people prefer buying bikes or tricycles made from this material. Nevertheless, compared to steel, it is not as durable as steel. But it has better corrosion resistance than steel, and this bike frame material is more pricey than those made of steel. 

    Backup Seat 

    With a backup seat that is convenient for all ages, choose the ergonomic design that supports and provides safety. More importantly, choose the one that can relieve back pain, which is good for elders. Generally, there are two types of seat styles made for bikers of all ages. The first type is saddle seat style which can be seen in most upright adult tricycles. Saddle seat gives riders fantastic comfort, convenience, and also make you feel like you’re in the center of gravity. On top of that, it allows you to move and adjust your body and buttocks to fit your riding position. 
    On the other hand, a sling seat style is mostly in a recumbent adult tricycle. This seat style keeps you safe from slipping and getting off-balanced since it forms on your back and buttocks. In short, both seat styles have their own good sides and bad sides, so it all depends on your preference and requirement.

    Position of Trike

    Typically, there are 3 most popular positions of tricycles such as upright, recumbent, and semi-recumbent. However, the upright adult tricycles are oftentimes the most popular tricycle that most individuals prefer to ride on. Why though? It is because this kind of tricycle doesn’t put much pressure or stress on your lower back. Furthermore, the distance to the handlebars is very small.
    In contrast, the semi-recumbent and recumbent trikes stretched your body and arms from the handlebars. On top of that, these two positions are capable of reducing riding pressure.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    Is riding a 3-wheel bicycle good exercise?

    Yes, it is. With the 3-wheel bike, you can exercise your muscles, your legs, your hand even your brain because it is a great outdoor activity that you can get more fun with.

    How fast can a tricycle go?

    We can say how fast the wheels would go whilst biking one turn per second on level ground without wind and while using the gears for most speed for each trike. The standard speed ranges around 11 miles per hour, meanwhile, the extra one can reach up to 56.5 miles per hour.

    Can you fall off a tricycle?

    For anyone who is scared of falling when riding a bike, a tricycle is there to help you. The 3rd wheel on the bike will keep the tricycle upright and balance your riding. Since the middleweight of the bike is lower, the probability of you falling over with a tricycle is really slim as it is more balanced and safer than the usual bicycle. 


    This is the end of our list of the 10 best adult tricycles and three-wheel bikes. We hope that we have collected the right adult tricycle that can make a huge difference in your efforts to get outside and stay fit. A normal bicycle just doesn’t work for everyone, and having a three-wheeled option can be different for a lot of adults.
    All of the options, features, and choices can get overwhelming, so hopefully, we’ve narrowed the choices down a bit for you! You should also read all of the products’ descriptions as well as their pros and cons carefully before deciding to drop it into your trolley. We very much hope that you will be able to choose at least one out of all the adult tricycles we listed above. 

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