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Best Ballistic Knives in 2023 Reviews

    In absence of a good quality tactical knife, it is possible that you are subjected to tough challenges which you may find it difficult to concur. It is important to remember that every ballistic knife is not the same and so you must make an intelligent choice for your purchases. There are certain factors which let a ballistic knife to stand out from the crowd. The ballistic knives are purely utilitarian and they come with a rugged appearance. Its blade is detachable which means that you can eject it to several yards by the press of a trigger. While selecting the best ballistic knife, you need to consider the type of steel from which the blade is manufactured from, the design of its handle and the materials used. With this basic information, let’s know the best ballistic knives in 2023:

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    10. MTECH USA Mtech Ballistic Pocket Knife

     MTECH Ballistic SILVER SAWBACK Tanto Skull Spring Assisted Opening Knife NEW

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    The ballistic knife is known to be a spring assisted type of knife with a thick blade, stainless steel skull cut-out logo on the blade, black & silver aluminum handle with pocket clip.

    • It comes with a standard factory edge with a lightweight handle.
    • The enormous heavy blade ensures effective cutting.
    • It can fit conveniently in the hand and its blade looks menacing.
    • The knife sharpener is very sharp.

    9. MTECH USA MT-A859OR-MC Knife

     MTECH USA MT-A859OR-MC Mtech 3.58

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    If your focus is on the light ballistic knife, go for this product. This MTech spring assisted ballistic knife comes with a 3.58″ stainless steel blade with a thickness of 2.8mm. Its design is made beautiful with the help of black and orange two-toned aluminum handle with an embedded logo.

    • It comes with a built-in pocket clip and LED light.
    • A black finish is partially toothed spear point blade which would measure 4.7″ closed.
    • The dimensions of blades are found to be convenient to hold in hands.
    • The knife is sharp without any chances of scratches.
    • You can use it for long-term use.

    8. Elk Ridge 8.5″ ELK RIDGE BALLISTIC Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

     8.5" ELK RIDGE BALLISTIC Spring Assisted Open Folding Pocket Knife WHITE PEARL

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    As implied from the name, this ballistic knife from Elk Ridge can be conveniently placed inside the pocket. The performance and design of the product are just great.

    • The appealing feature of the product is its pocket clip is positioned on the finest tactical end of the handle.
    • It is not packed with lots of bells and whistles.
    • The white version of the product comes with a retractable blade for specific use.

    7. Mtech Ballistic 8″ Bottle Opener Pocket Knife

     Mtech Ballistic 8" Bottle Opener Rescue Blade Pocket Knife

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    This spring assisted ballistic knife from Mtech is perfect for the glass breaker and bottle opener. The blades are conveniently made thick to suit specific applications. Its grey aluminum handle comes with a pocket clip.

    • Its main blade is super sharp.
    • Its appearance is attractive, its window punch is sharp, and it comes in handy to replace your conventional blade.
    • The knife’s serrated edge is extremely sharp and comes in handy too.
    • It can work as a bottle opener which is very useful.

    6. MC Ballistic All Rainbow Fantasy Dragon Pocket Knife

     MC Ballistic All Rainbow Fantasy Dragon Titanium Folding Hunting Tactical Designers Pocket Knife

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    Recognized as a sharp designer’s knife which could effortlessly pass for a defense weapon, this product is a recommended one. It is found that the point at the top part of the blade is extremely sharp. This entire blade appears nice with its coloration. It is actually not a pure titanium knife because it has stainless steel covered on the blade. Moreover, the non-colored knives are also available.

    • As compared to its contemporary model, the spring assist functions well.
    • The finish appears a bit worn, with minute scratches done all across the blade and handle.
    • It is categorized as a very heavy duty product, which suits well in the hand.
    • The product comes with a silver flame pattern made on the blade.
    • There is a lasered silver cd dragon on the handle which comes with a pocket clip

    5. Mtech Xtreme Ballistic Black Grey Pocket Knife

     Mtech Xtreme Ballistic Black Grey Assisted Tactical Flipper Pocket Knife

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    This spring assisted knife possesses a thickness of 3.5″ 3mm and the blade is characterized as 2-tone half serrated blade.

    • You can sharpen the blade to enhance the effective cut.
    • The pocket clip is included in the product.
    • It comes with versatility as it could be used for self-defense, tactical purposes, outdoors environment, camping, or certain sports.

    4. MTECH USA Mtech Ballistic Red Pocket Knife

    MTECH USA Mtech Ballistic Red Pakkawood Folding Blade Pocket Knife

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    Are you the one who is searching to get a folding pocket knife that comes with a wooden handle, a spring-assist blade, and at an affordable price, then look no further. This product from MTECH is recommended for these types of requirements.

    • This is an excellent knife which comes with sharp edges and is simple to resharpen when required.
    • It is a kind of spring assisted knife with 4.5″ closed 3.3″ dimension silver stainless steel blade with a blade thickness of 3.2mm thickness.
    • Its red pakkawood handle comes with stainless bolster handle that incorporates 1.2mm thickness liner with a silver clip.
    • This ballistic knife is larger and heavier, allowing it appears and feels more splendid.
    • As compared to other ballistic knives, this one is approximately 1/8 inch longer and1/8 inch wider.
    • In addition to the blade, even the handle appears heavier and thicker to offer it a good overall balance.

    3. MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Knife

     MTECH USA MT-A845BK Spring Assist Folding Knife, Black Blade, Black Handle, 5-Inch Closed

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    Another spring assist folding knife in the list, this product provides quick one-handed deployment which locks firmly into the place with a liner lock.

    • It comes with black stainless steel blade along with thumb stud for the purpose of quick deployment.
    • The aluminum handle of the product possesses a seat belt cutter as well as a glass breaker that can be utilized to punch out the car’s window during an emergency situation. This makes it a rescue knife.
    • This ballistic knife is packed with a pocket clip for the purpose of simple and safe carry.
    • You can use a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker during emergencies.

    2. Dark Side Ballistics DS-A019 Folding Knife

     Dark Side Ballistics DS-A019RB-MC DS-A019RB Spring Assist Folding Knife

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    The use of rapid one-handed deployment makes this ballistic knife a recommended product. The appealing aspect of this product is its rainbow stainless steel handle that comes with 3D sculpted dragon detail.

    • There is no shaking as the product locks firmly into a place with a liner lock.
    • It is packed with a pocket clip for quick and safe carry.
    • It measures 4.5 inches closed.
    • This dark side blade provides an extensive variety of spring-assisted, fantasy-themed folding mechanism that features edgy designs with quick deployment.

    1. MTECH USA Ballistic MT-A705 Folding Knife

     MTECH USA Ballistic MT-A705SBL Spring Assist Folding Knife-Ballistic Knives

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    An aspect that sets this product unique is its steel straight edge blade along with blue colored titanium coating. If you wish to get one-handed deployment in less time, this product is for you. The brand provides a specialized lineup of fixed blade knives, folding knives, archery products, as well as security items and that too at a reasonable rate.

    • It comes with a bottle opener and glass breaker.
    • A pocket clip is included for effortless transportation.
    • The dimension conveniently fits in your hand: 4.5-inch closed length; 3.75-Inch blade length and 3 mm thickness.
    • The Mtech USA ballistic line consists of all spring assisted opening folding knives.

    Concluding Note:
    The need for ballistic knife arise to anyone for any kind of purposes and uses. Depending on the application intended for and the design anticipated, it is recommended to choose any of these products.

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