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Best Bowling Shoes for Kids in 2023 Reviews

    Kids indulge in many different activities at school and at home to refresh their mind and body. A single sports activity is not suitable for all kids because there is the age limitation. One of the most preferred sports activities among kids is bowling. Basically, bowling is a sports activity or you can say a leisure activity in which one rolls off a bowling ball towards the target.  The ball rolls down a narrow, long track to hit the objects known as pins. When you knock down more pins than your opponents, you will be declared the winner. For kids, to play this sport effectively, they must wear the appropriate bowling shoes. Without these shoes, it is not possible to walk through the bowling court properly. When they wear these shoes, it is certain that the chances of winning increase a lot. Any beginner or expert bowling enthusiast of any age would definitely need a suitable pair of bowling shoes. Before purchasing the one, there are various factors to consider like size, durability, comfort, price, and many more. To make the selection process easy, look at the best bowling shoes for kids in below section:

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    10. Dexter Youth Ricky III Junior Bowling Shoes:

     Dexter Youth Ricky III Junior Bowling Shoes:
    At first sight from a far distance, this pair of junior bowling shoes would appear like school shoes but actually, they are not. They are specially designed to suit the bowling sports activities and kids can wear them without any hassles. The Dexter Youth Ricky III shoes depict a classic non-marking rubber outsole equipped with a distinct horseshoe heel as well as an S8 microfiber slide sole. Its classic black color will suit on the legs of your kids in a unique way. They can even wear these shoes for different occasions other than bowling.

    • The junior bowling shoes come with the soft, durable man-made upper.
    • There is the presence of fully fabric-lined with cushioned tongue and collar
    • With the help of U-throat upper pattern, the look appears elegant.
    • Kids would not experience discomfort or any leg pains.

    9. Dexter Boys Ricky IV Jr Bowling Shoes- Grey/Blue:

     Dexter Boys Ricky IV Jr Bowling Shoes- Grey/Blue:
    Designed in perfect grey and blue color combination, these bowling shoes will match with the playful nature of your kids. The fitting, lace, design, sole, appearance are all great and there are no chances of any complaints. The Dexter Ricky IV Jr. bowling shoe pair is considered an excellent youth starter bowling shoe pair available at a reasonable price. Now there is no need to pay a hefty price for rental shoes because this shoe pair is made available at an affordable price. Anyone belonging from an average or rich family background can purchase these shoes to gift their kids. Overall, they appear beautiful, feels good in the kids’ feet and they are affordably priced.

    • On the surface of these bowling shoes, there is full fabric lined with cushioned collar and tongue.
    • Durability is ensured with the help of a soft, durable man-made upper.
    • They come with the lace-to-toe upper pattern for personalized fit.
    • This shoe pair belongs to the New DexLite Collection, and they come with extra flexibility, so kids can wear them for many hours.
    • The lightweight outsole will feel comfortable on their feet.
    • On both the shoes, there is improved slide rite microfiber sole.
    • They come with the rubber defined horseshoe heel to offer positive stable breaking.

    8. Brunswick Girls Mystic Bowling Shoes- White/Fuschia:

     Brunswick Girls Mystic Bowling Shoes- White/Fuschia:
    The white color background and pink color design on some part of the shoes will give them an elegant look in a new way. As suggested from the name, the shoes are specially intended for girls; therefore, the combination of white and pink color based design look beautiful on their feet. Whenever your girl child plays bowling with these shoes, the look will be enhanced along with high efficiency. For extreme comfort and durability, you can consider buying this pair of Mystic bowling shoes.

    • This pair of white/fuschia shoes comes with the performance synthetic uppers.
    • The presence of rubber outsole lets your kid feel lightweight while playing the bowling game.
    • On these shoes, there is the presence of foam padded band and tongue.
    • In each of the shoe, you will find the presence of pure slide microfiber slide soles. They will help to slide immediately.

    7. BSI Boy’s Basic #532 Bowling Shoes:

     BSI Boy's Basic #532 Bowling Shoes:
    Manufactured from the popular brand in the world of shoes –BSI shoes are reliable and recommended to buy. All the shoes from this great brand come with the BSI logo printed on the shoes to indicate the brand value. Discussing this shoe pair –Boy’s Basic #532, they are extra comfortable and comes with the lightweight outsole. Therefore, kids will feel flexibility and comfort whenever they wear this shoe pair while playing. In addition to bowling, kids can wear this shoe pair for different other sports too. Suitable for almost all kids, this shoe pair works excellently, especially for the beginner bowler. The affordable price tag and exceptional design make it a recommended choice for your little athletics.

    • This white bowling shoe pair comes with the microfiber sliding sole present on both the feet. Furthermore, they come with durable, lightweight rubber outsole.
    • Your kids will find the action leather upper on the shoes, intended to enhance durability.
    • The microfiber sliding sole gives your kids a comfortable feel.
    • On the surface, there is a soft insole/sock lining.
    • Irrespective of weather, this pair of shoes works well.

    6. Storm Meadow Bowling Shoes:

     Storm Meadow Bowling Shoes:
    Generally, the grey and pink colors are ideal for bowling activities and this shoe pair comes with this color combination. The Storm Women’s Meadow is identified to be a part of a flexible canvas shoe. Equipped with a modern design on the exterior, your little ones will feel ultimate comfort on the inside when they wear these shoes. Keeping in mind cute appearance and comfortable feel, these shoes are flexible, so kids can wear them throughout the day. Being parents, you will usually expect the kids’ sports shoes to last longer; this pair fulfills this requirement. Overall, the Storm Meadow bowling shoes are excellent for the price offered.

    • The shoes are designed with the universal soles to allow kids to feel comfortable.
    • Interior comes with the fabric-lined structure along with padded collar.
    • Their upper material makes use of lightweight and cotton canvas.
    • On the surface, you will find the classic blutcher upper pattern.

    5. BSI Boy’s Basic #533 Bowling Shoes:

     BSI Boy's Basic #533 Bowling Shoes:
    Another shoes pair from BSI on this list, the Boy’s Basic #533 bowling shoes are prepared considering the lightweight design and rough use. For kids at the beginner levels, this shoes pair is ideal. BSI manufactured this bowling shoes to allow them to wear by the left or right-handed bowler. In addition to durability and comfort, this pair of shoes would appear stylish and classic. There are many children who face issues with grip while playing bowling game; when they wear these shoes, such issues will not arise. This is because this pair of shoes comes with proper traction and it would not feel slippery on their feet. Hence, they can wear shoes for a long time. Any kids or youth bowler looking for an affordably priced bowling shoes pair can consider buying this one.

    • This shoe pair comes with an additional soft insole and sock lining for enhancing the comfort.
    • Durable rubber outsole feels comfortable on their feet.
    • The action leather upper indicates resistance against wear & tear.
    • Their laces are flexible and can be tied easily.

    4. Brunswick Youth Renegade Bowling Shoes- Black/Neon Green:

     Brunswick Youth Renegade Bowling Shoes- Black/Neon Green:
    The latest Brunswick Youth Renegade bowling shoes represent the unique combination of style and comfort. Designed in bright black and neon green colored design, your kid will appear like a rock star when he/she wear these shoes. On the bottom, the neon green color is present to signify the childish appearance in a unique way. Besides, on the central part, you will see white color design to contrast with the black and green colored design. Inside this white background, there is a beautiful green colored crown printed to depict the unique look. Whenever you are looking for utmost comfort, just go for this bright colored shoes. Just go for these Renegade shoes to fulfill all comfort needs of your kids while playing bowling games.

    • This multicolored pair is extra lightweight and comes with foam padded collar & tongue.
    • High flexibility is ensured with the help of extra-light molded EVA based outsole.
    • On the surface, there is the presence of performance synthetic uppers.
    • On both the shoes, there is the availability of pure slide microfiber slide soles to present ultimate comfort.

    3. STRIKEFORCE Girls Youth GEM Bowling Shoes:

    3. STRIKEFORCE Girls Youth GEM Bowling Shoes:
    At first glance, you will find these bowling shoes to be designed for professional uses but actually, they are intended for bowling games. The white color background and random blue color design will make the entire look elegant. Its appealing characteristic is it comes with tiny holes on the surface and on the outer sole. These holes are intended for breathability and they would add to the overall elegance. Some parts of the shoes are dark blue while other parts are light blue to create a unique contrast with the white background. KR Strikeforce packs in lots of features intended to improve performance and comfort.

    • The presence of rubber adds to the flexibility of the shoes.
    • They come with durable, soft man-made upper to resist wear & tear.
    • Design feature fully textile lined with cushioned tongue and collar.
    • There is the availability of microfiber slide pad on the surface with the implementation of FlexSlide Technology.

    2. Brunswick TZone Bowling Shoes:

     Brunswick TZone Bowling Shoes:
    Brunswick is gradually targeting the youth of the present world with different models of the bowling shoes. The present shoes pair from this popular brand is designed with a classic bowling shoe style to give the unique look. Basically, they are uniquely engineered to be durable, lightweight, and comfortable all day wear. Apart from bowling, your kids can wear them for different sports activities like soccer, tennis, running, etc. The black/silver color based design appears stylish on your toddler’s feet.

    • These TZone bowling shoes are equipped with synthetic uppers.
    • Implementation of Blucher design presents comfortable fit.
    • Their collar and tongue are foam padded to add to the flexibility.
    • Light EVA outsole will feel comfortable in any season.
    • These shoes tend to run big.

    1. Pyramid Youth Skull Green/Black Bowling Shoes:

     Pyramid Youth Skull Green/Black Bowling Shoes: - Bowling Shoes for Kids
    Kids usually like to try something new when they are fed up with the conventional styled bowling shoes. In such cases, you can gift them this Pyramid Youth Skull bowling shoes. The aspects that define these shoes are a classic style, comfortable fit, durability and perfect slide. Made available in kids and youth size, these Pyramid bowling shoes provides the impeccable fit for every aspiring bowler. You can let your kids wear them for a long time without any issues of discomfort. Those customers who have already used this green/black shoes pair have found it to be durable and comfortable. They would not wear out in a few months.

    • The Pyramid Youth Skull style bowling shoes present quality and superior performance for all-day wear.
    • These shoes are suitable for left or right handed bowlers.
    • For perfect slide, they come with the smooth break-in microfiber soles.
    • They are packed in eco-friendly shoe bag for saving the environment and for simplicity of carrying them around.
    • The green colored skull design on these shoes makes your kid wear them with comfort and pleasure.

    The bowling shoes are one of the greatest gift ideas you can consider for your kids. Manufactured from the top brands, the discussed shoes will feel comfortable on kids’ feet and enhances their bowling experience.

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