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Best Fabric Shavers in 2023 Reviews

    We all have our favorite cloth that we often wear. However, some problems occur and we have to force not to wear that cloth anymore. That frequently due to weight up or too down, skin color changing or season changing, etc. If not all these reasons, there is a major problem that most people have faced is fabric pills. It normally happens due to washing improperly or low quality of the fabric itself. If you cannot avoid this problem, then we have some suggestions for you. We would like to recommend to you the best top 10 fabric shavers.

    They are literally useful to get rid of fabric pills. By having any of them, you do not have to give up wearing your favorite clothes anymore. Check them out now and get yours today. 

    Table of Contents

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    10. Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover

     Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover:

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    Gleaner Ultimate Fabric Shaver is the master of remover of fabric pills and upholstery from clothes. Quality is better than other electric shavers, the Gleaner can quickly and gently remove fabric pills and upholstery along with lint brush. Like this, you can shave all the fabric pills at the same time by brushing the lint from your cloth. 

    It comes with 3 interchangeable edges and contains no blades, motors, or moving parts that can damage garments. No battery or electric, this shaver will shave all the fabric pills and upholstery from the fabric surface all types of fabric including cashmere, wool, cotton, fleece, acrylic, rayon, polyester, and more. Especially, buying this shaver will include an ergonomic handle together with soft over-molded grip, integrated lint brush, three fabric-safe edges, and drawstring travel pouch.

    What We Like:

    • This fabric shaver includes 3 fabric-safe edges to effectively remove pilling, and the incorporated lint brush accomplishes the shaving.
    • The equipment targets many different types of fuzzballs, ranging from the heavy to medium and super fine garments as well.
    • It can revive natural fibers, synthetics, and blends in a safe manner.
    • There is no need for batteries/electric power to operate this equipment; you can use it anywhere.
    • Due to its compact size, this tool is ideal for a vacation trip or business travel.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • You need to be extra careful when you use it with a sweater to avoid pulling out.

    9. Multifunctional Rechargeable Fabric Shaver by KOODER

     Multifunctional Rechargeable Fabric Shaver by KOODER:

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    KOODER is the fabric shaver and electric lint remover which is combined with shaving and brushing at the same time. Using double battery capacity, this shaver can run long hours for you to finish all shaving at once. Moreover, designed in large size, it is easy to hold while its double hand-held gives you comfort during the process.

    What is more, this item also includes two functions at the same time. So, it not only trim lint but also carding clothes after trimming. That is because the newest design improves the net cover to process quicker and effective trimming. In this way, you can keep your cloth brand new and clean as always. Additionally, the KOODER has a large power speed motor where the fuzz is eliminated easily. 

    What We Like:

    • After de-fuzzing the clothes, it is certain that you can attain a sleek as well as a clean result with this tool.
    • It comes with the double battery capacity that intends to effectively enhance the working hours for the ultimate user experience.
    • Overall, its size is bulky and looks professional. Its advanced double hand-held based design presents ultimate comfort while using.
    • There is a total of two functions in this fabric shaver because it comes with the built-in stick brush that not just trim the lint but even cleans the clothes after trimming.
    • Its operation is driven by the high power speed motor that curtails the occurrence of frequent shaving lint motion.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Surprisingly none.

    8. Fannyc Lint Remover Clothes Fuzz Fabric Shaver

     Fannyc Lint Remover Clothes Fuzz Fabric Shaver:

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    This is the electric Fannyc lint remover and fabric shaver with multi-functional shaving. Within this one machine, you can perform shaving on all kinds of fabric such as sweaters, woolen coats and skirts, plush toys, bedding sets, furniture, and socks. So, buy yourself a new cloth and still keep it new and fresh with this fuzz buster.

    Designed with 3 powerful stainless steel shaving blades, you can shave all the fuzz, pills, lint from the sweater, Curtin, etc., and keep the moment simple. It operates by using cord not a battery. Like this, the Fannyc will bring you the sable function and more powerful shaving. All and above that, it is easy to use by just pressing the button on over the head. Plus 100% money back if you’re not satisfied.  

    What We Like:

    • This model of corded sweater shaver conveys the constant and stable power to eliminate fuzz balls and lint.
    • It is quite simple and swift to use this tool. Just switch on and run its shaving head across the clothes surface.
    • With the help of a bulky shaving head, the entire process of fabric shaving is streamlined.
    • It comes with three stainless steel shaving blades that are resistant against rust and recommended for long-term use.
    • This fabric shaver is intended to safely eliminate lint, fuzz, and pills from the sweater, curtains, blankets, carpets, and much more fabric.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • It operates using a cord.

    7. House of Wonderful Wonder Lint Best Rated Electric Sweater Shaver

     House of Wonderful Wonder Lint Best Rated Electric Sweater Shaver:

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    Become the best-rated product, this electric shaver of House of Wonderful will also become your tired clothes saver. Wonderfully, this shaver is designed specifically and has a unique mesh to remove lint, pills, bubbles, and is full of all particle size. Each size including small, medium and large will clean all the fuzz and make your fabric a fresh look even for a long time.

    Looking good with the featuring of extra-large head shaving and stainless steel precision blades head. At the same time, this shaver has a very compact size and lightweight as well as a comfortable grip handle and easy to clean. Moreover, the lint collector also has a large plus powerful motor of 5W. Like this, all kinds of fabric on clothes, bedding, and furniture will be saved and every day with new fabric.

    What We Like:

    • It comes with the stainless steel precision rotary blades and the grill that is equipped with a bulky shaving head.
    • The operation of this fabric shaver is driven by the highly-efficient 5W motor that streamlines the shaving process.
    • There is no need to compromise on a low-quality fabric shaver that invites the vulnerability of harming your delicate woolen clothes, cotton, linen, sweaters, and lycra clothes.
    • In addition to clothes, this tool works excellently on household furniture, curtains, blankets, sheets, duvets, and comforters to present a new look.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • The look is awkward.
    • It has no color to choose from.
    • The price can be a bit high.

    6. Alwayslux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver

    fabric shaver

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    EasyLint is another best-reviewed product with a powerful 5-watt motor. Equipped with stainless steel precision blades and extra-large shave head which means this shaver can shave all the fuzz, pills perfectly. Moreover, it also features an extra-large lint collector so that it keeps the simple moment of shaving all the fuzz while the lint collector cleans all lint for you at the same time.

    It comes with a sleek AlwaysLux carry case along with extra-long cord, Battery, or A/C adapter operation so that it is easy to store. On top of that, the shaver is designed with a stylish matte black and comfortable handle grip. Like this, keep your shaver look new and easy to clean. Within a lifetime warranty, you will get 100% money back if anything happens or need a replacement.

    What We Like:

    • It is very powerful as it operates using a 5-watt motor.
    • The blades are very sharp, precise, and stainless.
    • It offers a lifetime warranty.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • The price is high.

    5. Portable Fabric Shaver Lint Remover by VICOODA

     Portable Fabric Shaver Lint Remover by VICOODA:

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    If you are looking for a safe, effective, and easy product to keep your cloth new, then you find the right product. The VICOODA is designed helpfully with its 3 adjustable shave height. In this way, you can adjust each height to meet the need for shaving pills, fuzz from many types of fabrics. Additionally, it also comes with two speeds and three shaving head hole sizes. So, it effectively removes fluff, lint, and bobble excellently.  

    Because of its lightweight and portability, it makes this shave perform the job easily and comfortably to handle. Having this shaver, no matter you have a problem with pills on these fabrics such as a sweater, jacket, carpet, glove, and more easily and simply. Let’s remove all the lint, pills, balls, and bobbles with #1 priority of replacement if there any issues arise while using. 

    What We Like:

    • Using the precision lint removal, the tool’s extended blade surface encompasses all the area of the surface.
    • It comes with three shave heights, two speeds, and a total of three shaving head hole sizes.
    • Basically, it is a portable lint shaver that blends the portability functionality with the lightweight body.
    • Using the comfortable handle, it is quite simple to handle this tool.
    • There is the inclusion of a removable storage box accompanied with a see-through window for efficient cleaning.
    • Its adjustable height spacer presents the dual protection functionality to protect the garments from getting trimmed.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • There is no other color to choose from.
    • The price tag is quite high.

    4. Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover with 2-Speeds by 1byone

     Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover with 2-Speeds by 1byone:

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    Having a compact size and a friendly price, the BEAUTURAL shaver product design with powerful shaving and fit all types of garments and fabrics. Getting this shaver, you can assure that it will be used for all the sweaters, jerseys, bedsheets, blankets, upholstery, couch, and much more. Notably, this shaver cannot be used to remove pet hairs.

    On top of that, the blade is powerful and everlasting. Moreover, it is sharp and easy to replace within the other two blades. Besides, it tags along with 3 adjustable shave heads, 2 speeds, and 3 shaving head hole sizes for suiting all sizes of fabrics whether it cotton and synthetic fiber or wool sweater and delicate clothing fabrics. More precisely, it ensures safety even if your child touches it by accident as well as ensuring that no damage to your clothes.

    What We Like:

    • The operation is efficient with the assistance of a prolonged blade surface that envelops a wide area for cleaning.
    • You can easily adjust the height and speed as per the convenience.
    • Extra protection is presented with the use of an adjustable height spacer that works to secure the fabric from cuts and damages.
    • It can work seamlessly on wool products, furniture, linens, and different kind of clothes.
    • Since the operation is powered by 2 AA batteries, there are no hassles to carry this tool anywhere.
    • There is a total of three adjustable shave heights as well as two-speed options.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Nothing to dislike.

    3. Conair Fabric Shavers (White)

    3. Conair Fabric Defuzzer – Shaver (White):

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    Conair Fabric Defuzzer is using 2 AA batteries and effective to remove all the pills, fuzz, and lint. Moreover, it is the safest way to use with its adjustable distance control to fit all the types of fabric surfaces. For this reason, it is time to save the environment by keeping all your tied clothes and other stuff still new and fresh. 

    Within the large shaving head about 1-7/8-inch, thus it quickly finishes the work effectively. Besides, the detachable collection compartment makes emptying easy. Furthermore, the honeycomb meshes are designed to protect the finger from sharp blades and are easy to perform your shaving. To boot, lint catcher is detachable design, and grip handle makes it even more convenient to hold. 

    What We Like:

    • This fabric shaver unit comes with a removable lint catcher that allows you to clean out the fuzz present in its storage area.
    • The tool’s grip handles functions very well and found to be comfortable within the hand while using.
    • You can choose from lots of colors like blue, white, purple, orange, black pink, and lime green.
    • Users would not find any fuzz or lint left out after the use of this shaver.
    • Using the 3-setting depth control feature, you can personalize the shaving process.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • The loading capacity of the waste fabric is quite small. Thus, users might need to empty it very often.

    2. Remington Fuzz-Away Fabric Shavers, RTFS-2

     Remington Fuzz-Away Fabric Shaver, RTFS-2:

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    This is the simplest fabric pills shaving, the Remington Solar. Add up to it lightweight, this product also designs in a compact size which makes it easy to store. In addition, despite its small size, this shaving product can remove excess fuzz and thread from fabric away efficiency. On top of this, the effortlessly push the on/off button making this shaving become the easiest way when you need shaving. 

    Keep your cloth look brand new and no damage while shaving the fuzz and pills with the precision safe T blades design. These rotating t-blades can quickly remove stray threads and fuzzes without damaging the fabric. Surprisingly, this unit only needs two AA batteries and the price is really friendly that everyone can afford. 

    What We Like:

    • The body is equipped with an oval-shaped head and tail that appears excellent and feels convenient in your hands.
    • This tool is capable to fit every hand size and capable to clean out fuzz from almost all the fabric types.
    • It comes with a separate collection chamber that could be emptied whenever it gets filled up with fuzz, threads, and pills.
    • Overall design and shape of this fabric shaver are ergonomic; therefore, it feels quite comfortable to hold it in your hand even for long time shaving.
    • Implementation of precision safe T blade design works to clean out the unwanted threads and fuzzes. While it continues to clean, there are no chances of damage to the thread.
    • It comes with the slotted metal blade guard that enables the fuzzes and threads to go through for the process removal.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Nothing to dislike.

    1. Electric Sweater Fabric Shavers by Es Unico

     Electric Sweater Shaver Fabric Fuzz Remover by Es Unico:

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    Let’s remove every single lint and fuzz away in just 1 minute. No matter what type of fabrics you want to remove the pills or fuzz especially sweaters. Spend 5-10 minutes for 2-3 sweaters and cool down for 1-2 minutes and keep shaving. As a result, you can protect the life spin for longer use. Trimming function is included, so this makes sure every time you need to use this shaver you need to lay your cloth flat.

    Say no on battery because this shaver uses a 55″ cord that you can move freely and without wasting your time waiting on recharging. Therefore, just plugin and start shaving the balls. Furthermore, an extra blade and a brush are included but in the case of it breaks over the year you can contact for a refund. Plus, satisfaction is guaranteed within 3-year.

    What We Like:

    • It comes with an auxiliary blade and brush. During the situations when the blades break, you can use the auxiliary blade.
    • The entire process is quite simple to use. Just plugin and begin to clean balls.
    • It is a fact that the rechargeable removers usually take many hours to charge. Now, there is no more delay with this fabric shaver.
    • Not only the attires, but you can also remove the fuzz from furniture clothes.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Nothing to dislike.

    Buying Guide For Fabric Shavers

    With the right product, you no longer have to deal with fabric pills or having to give up wearing your favorite clothes anymore. If you are new to that and have no clue what to consider before buying, let us introduce you to these tips below.

    Design of Fabric Shavers

    First of all, you might need to think of the design. Choosing a fabric shaver with ergonomic design is important. This is because it allows you to hold it firmly and conveniently while improving the work quality faster and better. If you are able to get a handy product, it will offer ease of fuzz removal without any damages.

    Blade Rotation Function

    This point involves the number of rotation that the blades offer. This is because the more number it is, the faster they work. When the blade rotates in a lot of rounds, it is doing the shaving jobs. Normally, it is measured in rounds per minute. Other things to take into around include a number of holes on the mesh and the blade strength.

    Operational Mode of Fabric Shavers

    There are two types of fabric shavers. One is run by the batteries while another is operated using a cord. This means that if you choose to get a product that uses a battery for the operation, you need to make sure you have it fully charged in advance. Plus, it may run out of battery at any time during your work. However, the ease is that it is portable and you can move it around. On the other hand, a corded product offers a timeless supply of energy. The only drawback is that you cannot go further than the cord length.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: What does a fabric shaver do?

    A: This is a tool where you use to remove fabric pills, lint, or fuzz from your clothes. It either operated using a battery or cord. Moreover, it cuts out the fabric fuzz with its rotating blades.

    Q2: Can you use a razor to remove pilling?

    A: Yes you can. But the thing is that the work process might be slow. That is the reason why you may need assistance from fabric shavers.


    It is usually embarrassing to wear old looking clothes with lots of fuzz, lint, and threads. Even if the money invested while purchasing those clothes is high, the look would deteriorate if all the mentioned clutters are present. You can try using one of these fabric shavers and experience how easy it is to remove all the mess from your fabric.

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