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Best Garden Hose Stands in 2023 Reviews

    If you are a person who has a large backyard or if you are interested in gardening, then you would probably need a garden hose to go with it. It can be a nuisance when it is found spread over the greens all tangled up.  To ease of garnering chores, you need to adopt the best way to wrangle them up and keep those away from visitor’s sight.
    You can find hundreds of stores offering a selection of garden hose stands, but most of the time, they do not satisfy you, or it may not be within your budget. For the ease in the selection, that will provide you the best style and the quality that you are looking for, below are the top 10 Garden Hose stands of 2023.

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    List of The Top 10 Garden Hose Stands in 2023 on

    10) Liberty – 670 Decorative

    Liberty – 670 Decorative

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    This is one of the best products on the list and is made by the Liberty. This special collection of garden hose stand holds the attractive design will garner you compliments while blending in with your existing decor. They will help you to make the large and messy hose pipes of the backyard well organized.

    • Easy for installation as the design is based on keyhole mounting system
    • Can hold 125 feet of 5/8 inches garden hose
    • Aluminum construction that keeps its rust free.
    • Has the feature of weather resistant due to its durable powder coat finish
    • Possess attractive bronze design

    9) Yard Butler – Free Standing Garden Hose Hanger – HC-2

    Yard Butler - Free Standing Garden Hose Hanger - HC-2

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    This would be the perfect choice for your exteriors in the garden that makes you keep your huge and clumsy garden hose pipes, tidy. There are instructions given along with the kit so that it makes you hassle-free installation of this hose stand. You should first dig for a hole, place the freestanding hose hanger in the hole at a depth of 8 feet. Now add concrete and allow it to harden.

    • Provided with heavy duty bracing that prevents sagging
    • Lifetime warranty will be given which would ultimately extend your hose life
    • Helps to store hoses where needed
    • Easy installation process that is promptly detailed.

    8) Liberty – Metal Garden Hose Stand – 647 Manger

    Liberty - Metal Garden Hose Stand - 647 Manger

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    Explore this black powder coated garden hose stand manufactured by the Liberty. The 647 Manger has a very elegant design which makes it useful for the designated purpose. The manufacturer claims that this particular product does not require any special installation procedures.

    • Can hold 125-feet by 5/8-inch garden hose
    • Provided with 3 anchor points for stability
    • Comes with heavy gauge steel construction and easily moveable
    • With a durable powder coat finish for weather-resistant feature
    • Simple manger design and easy to install

    7) Liberty – Metal Garden Hose Stand – 640 Carrington

    Liberty - Metal Garden Hose Stand - 640 Carrington

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    Have a look at this attractive scroll designed garden hose stand from Liberty. It is the brand new hose stand that keeps your filthy hose neat and ready to use whenever required. There are no huge instructions to be followed for its installation. It has a black powder coated metal that helps it in having a rust free body.

    • Added stability with featured brass faucet/bib
    • Has 5 anchor points for added stability
    • Capable of holding 125-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose
    • Durable powder coated finish providing weather resistant quality
    • Made using heavy gauge steel construction

    6) Liberty – Garden Hose Stand -693 Free Standing

    Liberty - Garden Hose Stand -693 Free Standing

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    It is a unique garden hose stand with a brass faucet. This standing garden hose stand is perfect for both residential and industrial use. This product also promises its purpose of keeping the dirt and grimy garden hoses neat and tidy. It gives us the option of ready to use hose always.

    • Holds 150-feet by 5/8-inch hose having 5-inch rack radius
    • It has a steel construction with powder coat finish gives weather resistant qualities
    • Comes with PVC and brass Connectors
    • Mounts in compact soil or concrete

     5) Liberty – 645 Ornamental

    Liberty – 645 Ornamental

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    It is the perfect product for your garden. The product will help you will an ideal place for the garden hoses. This is a decorative hose butler looking great when assemble in your lawn to hold your hoses neatly and also keep them out of the way until they are needed again.

    • Freestanding ornamental hose stand
    • It can hold a 125-feet hose with ease
    • Made of Heavy gauge steel
    • Durable powder coat finish for long life
    • Featured with 2 anchor points to secure in the lawn

    4) Liberty 649-KD

    Liberty 649-KD

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    Try this extraordinary and elegant designed Liberty Garden Products’ Decorative Metal Garden Hose Stand, and you will be amazed. This is the trendy scroll type hose stand that would be the best outdoor décor. This bronze stand is available with all special features but make a note that hoses are not available with it.
    Capable of holding up to 125 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose
    Heavy gauge steel construction
    Durable powder coat finish for weather resistance
    just step down on the 2 anchor points for easy installations

    3) Stalwart – Hose Management Bracket

    Stalwart - Hose Management Bracket

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    The Ground Hose Management Bracket which is designed for keeping your long garden hoses to be rolled in one place. The pattern of this garden hose stand is necessarily designed to drive into the firm soil for super stability.

    • Has a carrying capacity of 50 ft. hose in 5/8″ diameter
    • Product Dimensions: 1 inch (l) x 8.5 inches (w) x 31 inches (h)
    • Comprises of Lower and upper support arm
    • A reliable assembly of the stand is required.

     2) Liberty Garden Decorative – Mediterranean Butler Stand

    Liberty Garden Decorative - Mediterranean Butler Stand

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    If you need to add necessary garden utensils, then this liberty Garden Decorative Mediterranean Hose Butler stand is the ideal one. The design of the hose stand is as such to provide the long lasting life of your garden hoses.

    • Comprised of bronze finish and scrollwork design
    • Made of heavy gauge steel
    • Has powder-coated steel for durable weather resistance
    • Suitable to hold 125′ of 5/8″ hose
    • Measures 41 inches in its overall length

     1) Decorative Garden Hose

    Decorative Garden Hose  - Garden Hose Stands

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    Check out this series of Liberty that is of the decorative type exterior décor. It is placed in the garden for the dual purpose of serving as the garden hose stand and also as an outdoor décor. This black satin colored garden hose stand possesses a simple pattern with timeless design fitting any eccentric gardens.

    • Capable of holding up to 125 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose
    • No holes to be dug in the soil nor any cement to be poured
    • Just step down on the anchor points for easy installations
    • No major assembly steps required


    Garden hoses are an important part of any garden, they make the arduous job of watering and maintaining a well-nourished garden possible.  The lengthier they are, the more useful they become. But the large size has a very noticeable drawback as they become very hard to manage. This is where the importance of a garden hose stand comes in. if you are confused about buying one for your garden, our list will surely help you get the best one!

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