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Best Plastic Trumpets in 2023 Reviews

    Trumpets are one of the instruments used in jazz and classical ensembles. It is also used in marches and parades and is one of the instruments which are difficult to operate. But these are the most advanced ones we are talking about and are made of brass or other metallic material.
    Below we are listing some of the trumpets for kids which are made of plastic and is easy to operate and fun to play with. Buying your children one of these trumpets can also create an interest to trumpet to grow in them apart from making them happy.

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    List of The Top 10 Best Plastic Trumpets in 2023 on

    10. Mutec Trumpet 7C Plastic Mouthpiece

    Mutec Trumpet 7C Plastic Mouthpiece

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    The MTC 7CCL mouthpieces of Mutec are perfect for beginners as well as professionals. It is designed in such a way so as to make it comfortable to use for beginners as well as adds a pro touch. This is a dimensionally consistent product which increases an average player’s endurance. This mouthpiece can also be used by players with braces without any discomfort.

    • 7C – suitable for beginning – intermediate players
    • Produces amazing clear and crisp sound
    • Same dimensions and characteristics of silver plated mouthpieces
    • The best for performances in cold weather – does not cause lip irritation like some of the metal mouthpieces
    • The USA made

    9. Rhode Island Novelty – Plastic Trumpets for kids

    Rhode Island Novelty - Plastic Trumpets for kids

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    Rhode Island Novelty provides the cutest and colorful plastic trumpets suitable for kids whether it be boys or girls. The children can enjoy tooting their own horn and the sound produced is not an irritating one. It is one of the best ways to turn a children’s party noisy and to make children have a liking for musical instruments.

    • Colorful and entertaining
    • Perfect play material for kids of 2 years and above
    • Made of good quality plastic – does not cause any harm to kids
    • Best for parties and functions – make a loud noise and gives a lively feel

    8. pBone PTRUMPET1W Plastic Trumpet with Gig Bag, White

    pBone PTRUMPET1W Plastic Trumpet with Gig Bag, White

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    The pTrumpet of pBone is the first trumpet in the world to be made fully of plastic. It is a fully functional trumpet designed by professional musicians of UK. Along with the trumpet, two mouthpieces each of 3c and 5c, and a gig bag is available

    • Bore of 460-inch
    • Light, durable, and good sound quality
    • Lead pipe technology which is patented – focused and vibrant sound
    • Bell of 4-13/16-inch
    • Unique design and valve system made fully of plastic
    • Water key – all plastic
    • Mouthpieces made of acrylic material
    • A carrying bag of canvas material is included

    7. NINGBO – Plastic Trumpet for Kids

    NINGBO - Plastic Trumpet for Kids

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    The Ningbo’s is a 13 ½ inch long and 3-inch trumpet made of plastic. It is available in different pairs of colors and is suitable for all kids. It is a cheap product and can be used to entertain of kids below 4 years.

    • Colorful and attractive
    • Has a length of 13 inches and is made fully of plastic with a top of shining metal
    • It is very easy to blow and does not require much effort in using – suitable for toddlers also
    • Available in different pairs of colors
    • Can be used to lit up a party and other functions where kids won’t get bored

    6. pBone PTRUMPET1R Trumpet, Red

    pBone PTRUMPET1R Trumpet, Red

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    The pTrumpet made by pBone is one of the best fully plastic made trumpets in the world. It weighs lesser than brass trumpets but at the same time delivers fine sound. This enables it to be used by very young people as it I much easier to carry blow and balance. It is always a better option providing quality sound at a cheaper price.

    • Highly durable and good quality construction
    • The bore of 460 inch
    • Pipe made of Lead – standard taper
    • Bell size of 4-13/16-inch
    • Constructed fully of plastic
    • Piston valves which can be sprung from the bottom
    • Two acrylic mouthpieces and a canvas bag included

    5. pBone PTRUMPET1B Trumpet, Blue

    pBone PTRUMPET1B Trumpet, Blue

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    The pTrumpet is one of the very few trumpets with a valve system made fully from plastic. It is very light, durable and delivers awesome sound. Added to this, the technology of lead pipe gives out a focused and vibrant sound. Made with the good quality plastic material it can take a few hits and bumps without any scratch.

    • 460-inch bore
    • comes with 5c and 3c mouthpieces
    • Bell size of approx. 4-13/16 inch
    • Water keys are all plastic
    • A carrying  bag of canvas material is included

    4. Ammoon Cavalry Trumpet with Mouthpiece for School Student (Black)

    Ammoon Cavalry Trumpet with Mouthpiece for School Student (Black)

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    Ammoon’s trumpet is a great product which can be used by small kids as well as little grown-up ones. It is the best trumpet you can get considering the price. The product is made completely of environment-friendly plastic material and at the same time is highly durable and fun to play with.

    • Flat trumpet with a smooth surface
    • Made of ABS plastic material
    • Product Size – 17.3 * 4.3 inch
    • The trumpet weighs about 130g
    • Easy to play with and produces high-quality sound.
    • Suitable for both beginners and students.

    3. Faxx Clear Trumpet Mouthpiece plastic 7C

    Faxx Clear Trumpet Mouthpiece plastic 7C

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    The Faxx 7C mouthpieces are one of the most affordable products with the common design as others. Even though the price is low the quality is not compromised. The material is polycarbonate which is suitable for all weather conditions and provides comfort while blowing the trumpet.

    • Produces a clear and crisp sound
    • Weighs less compared to metal mouthpieces
    • Very comfortable and smooth
    • Suitable to use when while marching
    • Very durable, lightweight and nicely made.
    • Extremely comfortable in the cold months and is far better than the mouthpieces made of brass

    2. Tromba Plastic Trumpet, color Blue

    Tromba Plastic Trumpet, color Blue

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    The Tromba trumpets are made of plastic and hence is extremely lightweight and comfortable to us. The produce good quality sounds and can be used by very little kids as well as beginner students.

    • Machine honed and polished brass sleeves of yellow color
    • Pistons made of top quality stainless steel and with ABS core
    • Easy to clean
    • Damage resistant and color can be customized with changeable parts
    • Precision made Bb plastic trumpet
    • Weighs around 500g
    • Extremely sturdy and robust construction
    • Adjustable valve tuning slides and main tuning slide
    • Comes with 2 Water keys
    • Twist and lock type quick release valve caps
    • Five  bracing points

    1. PAMPET Professional Trumpet Bb trumpet, color – Red

    PAMPET Professional Trumpet Bb trumpet, color - Red

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    The Pampet’s trumpet is a high quality and precise product made of plastic. It weighs only about 500 grams and is easy to carry and balance. The piston valve sleeving made of stainless steel. Ordinary lubricants can be used on this trumpet.

    • Bushing made of brass with precision grinding and polishing treatment
    • Classic style design, and comfortable grasping
    • High-Quality stainless steel piston with a core of ABS
    • Friction resistance, strong and airtight
    • Imported Spring inside made of stainless steel
    • Has 7 C plastic mouthpieces
    • Has a sealing gasket which is easily replaceable
    • Has replaceable independent parts

    A list of the best plastic trumpets and mouthpieces have been selected for your convenience and has been listed above. You can choose the best one for you or your kids depending on the price and features.

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