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Top 8 Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2023 Reviews

    As an avid walker, hiker and adventurer, we know so well how much a good walking shoe can make or break the fun walking and hiking experience. That also means that we have tested a dozen of walking shoes from a number of top-rated brands.
    Whether it’s lightweight, durable, comfortable, leather, or fabric walking shoes, we have experienced them all. To make your walking shoes shipping hassle-free and productive, in this article, we have spent hours in crafting a list of the top 8 best walking shoes for Men in 2023, just for you.

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    Top 8  Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2023

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    1. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoes

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    Firstly, this is one of the top-quality, most comfortable walking shoes for men from Rockport. They are crafted with leather, synthetic sole, featuring the classic vamp, padded tongue, and padded collar. Their latex foam footbed is guaranteed to reduce foot fatigue, and the moisture-wick mesh lining promotes breathability. Secured with laces, you can always lace these shoes all the way up if the tongue, in any way, bites into your foot. This golden pair will definitely get you to walk farther, quicker with utmost comfort.
    Comes in 4 delicate colors – black, brown, chocolate, and chocolate nubuck – this comfortable walking shoes sure looks great with any outfit. And, with such a semi-casual/formal style, this one is not only suitable for travels, but also for business purposes. So, when it comes to business trips, you can ditch your dress shoes, while being able to rock your appearance with the Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoes.
    From some of the customers’ previous customers’ experience, these guys have lasted for them a least a good 2-3 years. And, if you need to walk about 7-8 miles a day, this one can handle such a distance easily.

    2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

    Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

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    This is the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes that are specialized in supporting your low arches and controlling for over-pronation. For construction, they are made of leather and a synthetic sole. These soles will never flatten or deform over time. Available in 3 neutral colors – black, brown suede and white, we believe at least of them will match your color’s preference. Such color choices also make the shoes suitable for men of a variety of age range.
    We have done numerous researchers for the ultimate walking shoes for people of all feet sizes. And, this pick from Brooks is spot-on! These shoes fit tight like a glove, making your walking experience very comfortable. Looks great; feel great – that’s about it we look for in walking shoes!
    Best yet, these shoes have treated customers who have metatarsal GIA (a condition of painted and inflamed feet) in the past. Plus, in terms of durability, we don’t think any other walking shoes can beat this Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes at all!

    3. Landeer Men’s Lightweight Breathable Walking Shoes
    LANDEER Men's Lightweight Breathable Casual Sports Shoes

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    If you look for the most breathable, and lightest walking shoes, feast your eyes on this guy. Made of fabric, knit, rubber sole, mesh, and finely stitched materials, these shoes are known for the very lasting durability and high breathability.
    With the anti-bacterial ventilating shoe insole, this pair will always keep your feet clean, healthy and dry at all time. These soles support the arches very well, too. And, they allow your feet to feel cold while walking, making walks on warm or hot days a breeze. Plus, with such an inexpensive price tag, these shoes are definitely a bang for your buck!

    4. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Walking Shoes

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    It’s probably time you try this reputable brand out. Invented by Skechers, this is one of the most comfortable walking shoes for men. To highlight some of the features, these shoes have a rubber sole, a memory-foam cushioned heel of approximately 1.5”, mesh upper, and lightweight.
    Their width is a bit wider than other walking shoes on the market, so they are an ideal choice for wide feet. These are slip-on shoes, so wearing and taking them out are super easy. Whether it’s walking, hiking, or running, you can always have faith in this guy.
    This pair is very comfy that it is also known to help with knee, back pain or feet pain. Besides, they are amazingly light and flexible; sometimes you might not even notice that you have shoes on. Therefore, some customers even use these as house shoes. Plus, offered at a reasonable price, you can never go wrong with this purchase!

    5. Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes

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    Another recommendation from us is these tough guys, the Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes. Thanks to the fabric and synthetic construction, mesh panels, and rubber sole—these are good-looking, durable walking shoes of the ultimate comfort and breathability. With a lot of cushioning, the pair may look heavy, but, in fact, they are very lightweight and soft.
    From some customers’ experience, this pair has handled over 1000 miles of walking, and they are still in great condition. These shoes flex at the forefoot, so you can slide it off your foot with just your toe. And, similarly to the previously described lightweight shoes, these ones also help alleviate back, knee and feet pain. Wear them every day and your love for these shoes will grow even fonder!

    6. New Balance Men’s MW928 Leather/Mesh Walking Shoes

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    What about some kicks from New Balance? Throughout years of reputation as well as research and development, New Balance’s products always surpass customers’ expectations. This pair of walking shoes from them is no different. These most comfortable walking shoes for men are crafted with synthetic material, rubber sole, and lighting dry liner. With the Rollbar and Walking Strike Path technologies, these goodies provide a superb motion control and foot stabilization.
    The lightning dry liner keeps your feet comfortable and dry always. The foam-padded collar and tongue is designed for a fitting, comfortable fit. And, the Ndurance® rubber compound guarantees the very best outsole durability.
    With this New Balance kicks, you can always walk long hours without having to worry about getting any pain. These are the ultimate solution to your aching feet. Are you ready to feel the difference with these New Balance’s walking shoes?

    7. New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoes

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    Looking so well-made and sturdy, this is another pair of new balance walking shoes of synthetic material and sole with a touch of contrast-striped lace loops and the protective overlay at the toe top. With the lace-up feature, this NB guy will make you walk and run like a professional athlete! The insole pops right now easily, and there is less cushion in the shoe since it is the “country walking shoe” version. Plus, durability is not an issue for this pair either.
    Sizing of NB is very accurate. Most of the shoe’s body is made of leather, making it water resistant/waterproof. Therefore, you can use them to travel through rains, and puddles worry-free. Besides, if you weigh over 250 lbs, this pair is an ideal choice as they are the best walking shoes for overweight men. Being supportive, tough, and light, having this pair on, walking can never be more enjoyable!

    8. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe

    MW759 Country Walking Shoe

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    Indeed, Skechers is taking the lead in this walking/hiking shoe industry. Comes in 5 gorgeous color combinations between black, charcoal, blue, navy, and orange, these are one of the most comfortable walking shoes for men with a great sense of style.
    To describe some of its construction and features, this pair has a rubber sole, radically lightweight, and innovative midsole cushioning. The Goga max high rebound never fails to energize your every step. The mesh upper lets your feet freely. And, the soft fabric lining keeps your feet happy!
    At first, these shoes may feel a little tight, but, right after a few hours of wear, no other shoe can make you feel better! This pair does break the scale of shoe comfort at all time. When worn over time, you will notice that you have alleviated some leg and lower back discomfort, too. What a great product at a great price! Plus, since it’s from Skechers, you know that you have all the credibility you need.
    There you have it – the ultimate list of the top 10 best walking shoes for men in 2023. They are from the most trusted brand around the globe, which include Rockport, Brooks, Landeers, Asics, Skechers, and New Balance. All of these most comfortable walking shoes for men are addressed and analyzed in terms of durability, design, weight, and, of course, comfort. Some of them even go further to being waterproof, multifunctional (for both travel & casual users), helping with fatigue, etc. With any of these tough guys, you will say goodbye to the sore feet nightmares!

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