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Best Bubble Machines in 2023

    Bubble Machine | Automatic Durable Bubble Blower for Kids

    Getting a toy for kids is a tough call sometimes. They like to play something joyful and we as adults or parents want them to play something safer. Besides sharp toys, we also seriously think about chemical harm to other toys that may affect their health accidentally. To leave them with the magical imagination, getting some bubble machines is the best match.

    There are various types of bubble machines that you should consider before buying. But don’t worry because down here you will see the top 10 best bubble machines on the list of 2023. Scrolling down with your kid and let’s decide to choose one.

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    List of Top 10 Best Bubble Machines in 2023

    10. Pedy Automatic Bubble Machine Bubble Blower Toy for Kids

    Bubble Machine

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    Pedy bubble machine comes with a plug-in (AC adapter included) or 6 C batteries (batteries not included). The shape is small that a kid of 3 years old can handle easily, plush it is very portable to use outdoors. Keep your child’s day fun for all day as this machine can produce up to 2000 per minute as well as be able to run more than 30 minutes with adequate bubble solution. 

    For safety, you can mix your own solution or buy one from a trustworthy source. More than this, the solution is easy to pour into the tank. After that, just switch the power on and adjust the speed. The rest, let your kid play until they want to sleep. The most precious thing, this machine is the new solution to make a romantic moment during the wedding, birthday, or love confession. 

    What We Like: 

    • With this bubble machine, users can choose to operate it with either batteries or cord system.
    • It has the ability to blow up to the 2000 bubble per minute.
    • When you put enough bubble solution, this machine can operate up to 30 minutes.
    • It is best for the kid’s party or daily entertainment.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • It is easy to refill but it can only run for 30 minutes.

    9. Geekper Bubble Machine

    Bubble Machine, Geekper Automatic Bubble Blower Durable Bubble Maker

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    Theefun can produce over 800 colorful bubbles per minute, this bubble machine maker is built in a high-performance motor. Like this, it creates whirlpools of fun no matter how big the party and chilling all day. Moreover, this machine is a great idea to play indoor and outdoor without any disturbance to others due to its almost noiseless operation. 

    Within the capacity of 250ml/ 8.5oz, this machine is lightweight and portable, easy for transport, hanging in on a tree, or glugging out Bubbles on the go! For running this machine, you can run with an AC adapter or 4 cc batteries (not included). Additionally, made with non-toxic ABS plastic for child-friendly use. Besides kids, it also perfectly uses at any party for a more romantic moment. 

    What We Like:

    • It is made up of durable materials that enhance durability.
    • The capacity is 800 colorful bubbles every minute.
    • This product is perfect to use for the parties for more fun and enjoyment.
    • It is easy to operate and is child-friendly as well.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • You might need to purchase the extra bubble solution as it only comes with 2 bottles.

    8. Windrio Bubble Machine Automatic Bubble Blower

    bubble machine

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    This is the big bubble machine with a capacity of 700ml from Windrio. Windrio bubble machine is a machine that you are looking for as it is suitable for every occasion. In this way, whether you get one for your child or use it for additional decoration for your wedding day, birthday party, and other gatherings. Moreover, oscillating angle 90 ° / 360 ° in turn, a large area of Oscillating angle covering 800sq.ft, the plush touch screen makes operation easier.

    Make everyone chilling longer as it can perform for 3.5hours with its giant 5000mAh polymer battery. Additionally, it is making 5000 bubbles in every minute and thanks to its 8 spinning wands that make every bubble look precious. This modern bubble machine built-in portable handle, three touch buttons, and lightweight. Like this, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor playing. 

    What We Like: 

    • It is capable of producing up to 5000 bubbles per minute.
    • This bubble machine can operate up to 3.5 hours.
    • It operates by using a rechargeable battery of 5000 mAh.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Since the reservoir is quite big, it makes the solution runs out quickly.

    7. Victostar Bubble Machine, Automatic Bubble Machine Two Bubbles Blowing Speed Levels

    bubble machine

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    Let’s make your day chilling with this cute bubble machine from Victostar. Design with a cute robot look, this bubble machine is suited to use in the party and compact size that can take to play anywhere. Within its big tank capacity of 110-150ml, it can increase water capacity and extend the time of blowing bubbles. Like this, as long as you have enough solution the bubble will fill your party beautifully.

    Thanks to its ABS plastics BPA free and its built-in lithium battery which is saving energy and protecting the environment. To boot, this robot bubble machine includes with operation button where you can press to adjust the level from slow to fast and hold for the close. Besides, it also tags along with 2 bottles of bubble solution. Like this, customize your solution or use the original one for more fun. 

    What We Like: 

    • It has a large solution tank that allows you to put up to 110-150ml of bubble solution.
    • The construction is made of good and durable plastic that is 100% free from BPA materials.
    • This product will come with free solution of 2 bottles.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • During the operation, this machine tends to produce more noise.

    6. Zerhunt Bubble Machine, Durable Automatic Bubble Blower for Kids

    bubble machine

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    Producing high-quality material and high safety, Zerhunt is qualified as won’t be harmful to kids, pets, and adults with Official FCC Toy Safety Certification. Plush, it is more durable and high-quality ABS plastic for Superior Toughness and Rust Protection. More precisely, to ensure safety from hurting fingers accidentally, Zerhunt has upgraded its machine to automatically stop working once you touch spinning wands. 

    What is more, this professional bubble machine can produce a thousand bubbles per minute. Plus, it operates straightly within 2hours. Additionally, its tank capacity can contain 400ml and 2-speed levels can adjust from slow to fast 45/60 Rpm Levels of Speed per Minute. Therefore, it’s perfect for every occasion you have as it will create a romantic moment to capture. 

    What We Like: 

    • This one can blow up to 1000 bubbles per minute.
    • The running hour is up to 2 hours.
    • Users can also adjust up to 2 speed of bubble blowing to meet your needs and requirements.
    • Since the solution tank is 400 ml large, it is enough for a straight operation up to 2 hours long.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • The operation is a bit loud.

    5. Theefun Bubble Machine TBM01

     Theefun TBM01 Upgraded Professional Wireless Remote Control Automatic Bubble Machine

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    This is another professional bubble maker from Theefun with wireless remote control. Easy to switch on/off which you can easily control with the bubble machine at close range. Moreover, for generating this machine has a switch button at the back where you can switch from “l” to “O” to generate and stop bubble generating. Additionally, within its high-performance rotor and large high-velocity fan making this bubble machine can produce thousands of bubbles in minutes.

    To ensure long-lasting use, this machine is made from high-quality safe metal material for superior toughness and rust protection. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a detachable handle and lightweight design, it’s portable to make fun with you wherever you go.

    What We Like:

    • It is a professional grade bubble machine perfect for the parties and other functions.
    • There is a significant velocity fan that makes a lot of bubbles every minute.
    • It creates a dreamy atmosphere at the place.
    • The design is portable, and the product is durable.

    What We Don’t Like: 

    • It can only be used with 110V.

    4. Gazillion Bubble Tornado Toy

     Gazillion Bubble Tornado Toy

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    Gazillion can produce 4500 bubbles per minute with its 4 ounces of Gazillion Bubbles non-toxic solution. Like this, let’s chill and blow up the bubble in the air beautifully. Within the capacity of 118ml, this machine can instantly produce a bubble, there are no pumps and no need to wait or clog. 

    Within its refillable solution bottle, you can simply attach to the machine, put the bottle into the spout, push the button, and watch in amazement as a Tornado of bubbles blows into the sky. More than this, it is a great ideal for playing indoor and outdoor as well as for any parties. Notably, it requires 4 AA batteries (not included). 

    What We Like:

    • It blows bubbles straight into the air.
    • This product makes bubbles non-stop and doesn’t require frequent filling or pumping.
    • The machine comes with a non-toxic solution for forming the bubbles.
    • It comes in a friendly design that allures kids the most.

    What We Don’t Like: 

    • Per the bottle of solution, it can only produce bubbles up to 10 or 15 minutes.

    3. Hicober Automatic Bubble Machine for Kids 

    bubble machine

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    Look no further for the best bubble machine for kids because Hicober is right for you. Featuring a dual-mode bubble machine that allows this brand capable to blow between 900-1700 bubbles for each minute. Plush, it also comes with 6 spinning bubble wands that are capable of producing more bubbles. Because of this, your kid will absolutely love the colorful bubbles filling up the sky. 

    This 200ml bubble machine maker can continue to blow for 38mins – 50mins continuous bubbles. In this way, as long as you have a filled solution bottle, you will enjoy a longer blowing bubble. On top of that, the Hicober bubble blower exterior ABS plastic is light-weight but durable and non-toxic. Thus, it is safe for your little one to play and carry inside the house or outside easily. 

    What We Like: 

    • This machine has a solution tank of 200 ml, Thus, it can run up from 38 minutes up to 50 minutes per full refill.
    • It is able to produce up to 1700 bubbles within a single minute with its 6 spinning bubble wands.
    • This item is pretty lightweight.

    What We Don’t Like: 

    • It does not come with the battery-based operation.

    2. WisToyz Bubble Machine Dinosaur Bubble Blower 

    bubble machine

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    Beyond just a bubble machine but a dinosaur toy. This bubble blower is the best bubble machine for toddlers with its smart innovation. Because of this, it can generate thousands of bubbles by filling up with bubble water via its mouth. Besides this, it will be a dinosaur toy that can walk, remain still, sing, and lighten up from his eyes. This function allows him to walk around and if he bumps into something he knows he has to either back up or go forward to getaway. 

    Over and above that, once he opens his mouth the bubble will blow out in the air or the bath making your child enjoy their day until they get sleepy. More than that, this toy has a large reservoir and also holds a lot of bubble water. Therefore, no bother parents to refill plus, it also a great idea for a birthday gift. More precisely, this machine is totally safe as it has no sharp corners, angles, edges, and made from durable ABS materials for superior toughness and rust protection. 

    What We Like: 

    • It has a very fun look which is suitable for kids.
    • This bubble machine can produce 500 bubbles per minute.
    • It has a very reasonable price.
    • This product is best for a kid’s party or daily entertainment for your children.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • It only comes with 1 bottle of bubble solution. Therefore, you might need to purchase more separately.

    1. 1byone Portable Bubble Machine

     Portable Bubble Machine, 1byone Automatic Bubble Blower for Kids-Bubble Machines

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    This is the portable bubble machine handle from 1byone and its place in number 1 among previous products. This portable machine can blow out 1500 bubbles in each minute. Like this, thanks to its 12.8oz capacity, 6 spinning wands, and can work accurately up to 2-hour. So, it is perfectly suitable for any occasion and takes place anywhere. 

    Made from durable ABS thermoplastic polymer for superior toughness and rust protection. More than that, with official CPSIA ASTM F963 consumer toy certification, simple for any kid to operate. In addition, this machine is a perfect idea for a gift and to play with your kid all day. Asides, it can be used with any parties and gathering indoor and outdoor for a romantic view. 

    What We Like:

    • The machine is light in weight and therefore easy to carry anywhere.
    • It is battery powered.
    • This bubble machine is made up of ABS thermoplastic polymer for more toughness and rust protection.
    • The machine consists of an improved drain design that makes it more convenient to use.

    What We Don’t Like: 

    • This product does not come with a solution. But, users can create their own solutions.

    Buying Guides to Choosing Quality Bubble Machines

    Bubble machines are now widely used for different kinds of purposes. It can be used to blow when there are kids playing, or you can use it to put on a stage when there is a performance. However, looking for the one that can complete all the things you want is not a walk in a park. That is why you need to be very careful picking up a bubble machine from the market to use. We know that choosing the right bubble machine for myself is really difficult, for that reason, we have prepared some buying guides for you that can help you a lot to choose the best one.

    Consider The Speed Of Blowing of Bubble Machines

    First thing first, you need to know about the speed of blowing the bubble machine you are looking for. You might need to have more bubbles to be blown which can increase the level of kind enjoyment. Most kids like it when the bubble machine blows more bubbles in a minute. For example, that device can produce up to 800 bubbles or more than that amount in a minute. 

    Consider Battery Capacity of Bubble Machines

    The battery is another important thing when finding a good bubble machine for yourself. As everyone knows that if there is a high battery capacity, it will be much better. You might not want it to suddenly shut off while there are kids, or there is a big performance because it is a really big interruption. Everyone would feel very bad when that thing happens, and no one wants it to happen. So, to prevent it from happening, you need to find a bubble machine that comes with high battery capacity. If you buy the bubble machine that cannot last long, you would regret buying it.

    Portability of Bubble Machines

    Are you thinking about where you are going to use it? At the same time, you might need to also think about the portability of a bubble machine as well. You should go and get the one with a small size and lightweight. The reason is that if the bubble machine is small, you can bring it around, or with you anywhere. But, if the bubble machine is big, you will struggle with bringing it with you. So, we highly recommend you pick up the bubble machine that has a quite small size and lightweight from the market.

    The Adjustability of Bubble Blowing Speed

    Sometimes, you may not want it to blow all the time with the fast blowing speed. Therefore, you have to also find out about the adjustability of the product you are looking for as well. Being able to adjust the way it blows is such an awesome thing. It would be better if it allows us to adjust the speed rate. So, the right choice for you is to buy the one with high adjustability.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: When do you need bubble machines? 

    A: Normally, bubble machines are utilized in a lot of ways. For example, you can use it during the stage show, wedding party, pre-wedding photo shooting, your kid’s birthday, or just a daily entertainment for your children.

    Q2: How much is a bubble machine?

    A: There are different price tags when it comes to bubble machines. It can be as cheap as 20$ or 30$. At the same time, it can be as expensive as 1500$. This factor also include the running time, the ability to produce a lot of bubbler per minute, and ease of maintenance.

    Q3: Why do bubbles stop working?

    A: It can be because of a lot of reasons. One of them may be because you mix the wrong solution.


    The bubble machines are suitable for every occasion and kid to play all day. To put a smile on your beloved kids, this bubble machine will fill up the sky with a thousand bubbles. More than this, this kind of machine is ensuring safety for your child as it has no sharp corners, chemical harm from material use, as well as environment friendly. 

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