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Best Desktop Microphones in 2023

    In today’s lives, technology has made the world smaller which we can communicate with each other from a thousand miles away. Many people do video call, calling, record music, podcasting, Facebook and Youtube Live all over the internet to entertain or for the sake of business. If you routinely use your computer for something that is necessary for people to hear your voice clearly or with a better sound system, buying a microphone should be considered.
    However, when it comes to shopping for desktop microphones, you may feel a little confused with a lot of different factors coming into your decision. Some Desktop microphones have comprehensive user functions, while others are compliant with certain device styles, etc. Therefore, don’t let the abundance of options fool you. On your behalf, we have chosen the Best Desktop Microphone in 2023 for you which is not only the most preferable in terms of functionality but also price range.

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    List of 10 Best Desktop Microphones in 2023

    10. BeeFly Desktop Microphone

    BeeFly Desktop Microphone

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    First and foremost, we would like to kick off our product review with Beefly desktop microphone which is quite popular in the market. It is a microphone for computer recording which has a foldable and portable design. Therefore, it offers the best flexibility and portability in many circumstances. Moreover, A USB 2.0 device microphone that is compliant with a laptop or PC for both Windows and Mac systems will not require any extra tool or drive to install.
    Besides that, BeeFly condenser recording microphone has a built-in sensitivity chip with a frequency response of 192kHz/24bit. Consequently, it does not provide only a clear and smooth sound but also there is no echo sound or annoying background sound to disturb you. Furthermore, since it comes with a Cardioid pickup pattern, your recording will receive a quality sound without picking up the other sounds. Also, you can enjoy the 12-month warranty from the company as well.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Foldable and portable design
    • Equipped with Cardioid pick-up
    • Designed with a quality sensitive chip
    • Provides 12-month warranty

    A Little to Perfection

    • Not quite durable

    9. Samson Go Desktop Microphone

    Samson Go Desktop Microphone

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    One of the best computer microphones for travel and flexibility is the Samson Go Mic. This is a fantastic all-round microphone that can record YouTube videos or talk over Skype well. Whether you usually go outdoor or indoors, it is all your need for sound recording. Conveniently, it fits on both Mac and PC which is plug and play. This means that it does not require drivers which sit on a desk or clips to the computer screen.
    However, due to the size, both higher sound pressure levels and normal sizes are not handled. This means that it won’t be useful for mounting a drum set or capturing distant sound.  But the Samson Go Microphone is the best for audio notes or audio recordings. It provides dual cardioid capsules that allow the use of standard front-facing angled-address cardioid pickups or optional omnidirectional patterns. Therefore, it gives its stature and physique an unimaginably great tone that makes your dreams come true.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Compact design which could attach to a laptop
    • Integrated clip design to attach with computer
    • Designed with Cardioid and omnidirectional switchable pickup patterns
    • Comes with quality components and meticulous engineering

    A Little to Perfection

    • Some said it could not last long but just a minority feedback

    8. Blue Snowball iCE USB Desktop Microphone

    Blue Snowball iCE USB Desktop Microphone

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    If you’re on the hunt for HD audio desktop USB microphones, this one would be the one you are looking for. Without needing to load a set of drivers, you can plug it straight into a computer or Mac. It also comes with a USB cable to boot and an adjustable microphone stands for the desktop as well. While the equalization is largely in the mid-range. However, the polar response does not seem to be as fine-tuned since it sometimes picks up the noise.
    Greatly, this microphone is affordable price but we get the very same crystal-clear audio of the high-quality recording capability as other expensive products. Therefore, you are actually better off if you are directly seeking omnidirectional recordings for dual interviews. Also, it is primarily good for Skype, video or FaceTime calls. Since it comes with varieties of polar patterns, you can choose between cardioid and omnidirectional. Consequently, it will absorb the sound from all directions based on your adjustment to stand and the setting.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Quite durable
    • Provide a loud and clear voice
    • Equipped with the custom cardioid condenser capsule
    • Affordable price

    A Little to Perfection

    • Sometimes pick up the unnecessary sound

    7. JOUNIVO Desktop Microphone

    JOUNIVO Desktop Microphone

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    Next, in case you are looking for a space-saving desktop microphone, you have come to the right place. The designers came up with a good idea that it is not only small and light in weight but also has a long foot neck that helps you to change the position of the microphone in a 360-degree way.  Moreover, with the mute button and LED indicator, the users mute easily accompanying the indicator showing whether it is on or off.
    Above all, even though it is small, but quite durable since it is made of heavy-duty ABS stands. Therefore, you can use it in the near future without concern. Moreover, regarding the noise cancellation, it works pretty well with a standard omnidirectional condenser microphone to ensure the needed voice but ignore the unnecessary noise instead. Lastly, since it is a plug and play microphone, therefore, you do not need any tool to install or set up.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Solid and space-saving design
    • Designed with a mute button and LED indicator
    • 360-degree movable design
    • Equipped with a premium omnidirectional condenser

    A Little to Perfection

    • Poor background noise cancellation

    6. TKGOU Desktop Microphone

    TKGOU Desktop Microphone

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    Besides the 5 products we just reviewed, let’s jump to the 6th product! The microphone from TKGOU has a similar design to JOUNIVO microphone. However, there are also many differences as well. Besides its space-saving design, the construction is solid while the pipe is a flexible metal accompanying the sturdy base to avoid tipping. Similarly, this microphone also plugs and play type which there is no need for an extra tool to set up.
    Additionally, in terms of sound quality, it received 5 stars rated. Despite the cheap price tag, this microphone is of great quality. The consistency of the sound is better than average and able to pick up sound from a great distance. Moreover, the excellent noise cancellation extra with anti-pop filter feature, your voice is extremely smooth and clear like a crystal. Finally, the LED indicator and mute button will provide you with the sign and convenient use.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Designed with patented audio filter
    • Comes with mute button and LED indicator
    • Equipped with standard noise cancellation
    • Provides 30-day return for dissatisfaction

    A Little to Perfection

    • The volume is a bit low

    5. TONOR Desktop Microphone

    TONOR Desktop Microphone

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    If you ask us, which microphone on the list is the coolest? We would give it to TONOR desktop microphone. We surely recommend this to you since the price, the sound quality and noise reduction are excellent. Uniquely, its design would make you fall in love with just a glance of eyes if it is fashionable and trendy with the perfect color finish. Also, with the 3-legged base design, it is quite sturdy.
    Besides that, the Cardioid pickup pattern absorbs the sound quite well in order to produce smooth, clear by filtering out all the unnecessary background noise. As a result, no more concern with talking in the online conference, calling with friends and family or recording the sound or music. Similarly, it comes with plug and plays design to reduce the complication regarding the set up for the customers.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Provides clear and smooth sound
    • 3-legged base design
    • Designed with the cardioid pickup pattern
    • No extra tool needed

    A Little to Perfection

    • Not quite durable

    4. Shure MV5 Desktop Microphone

    Shure MV5 Desktop Microphone

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    Shure MV5 desktop microphone is known to be the best computer microphone in the world. Despite its affordable price, its design is similar to a globe but small enough to take with you. It is best for music recording, podcasting, desktop chat, or video recording. It comes with a PC, laptop, or even any Android device-compatible Micro B to USB cable. In specific, it can connect directly to an iOS computer without any adapters as it is AppleMFi Approved.
    Additionally, it features a monitoring headphone port, 3 DSP preset modes which guarantee optimum conditions for nearly every sound source to be recorded. Furthermore, it can be detached from the stand and used on a desk or table to make it much more compact. Lastly, we also provide both a USB cable and a Lightning cable so that you don’t have to think about purchasing a different cable. 
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Adjustable angle design
    • Designed with a digital condenser microphone
    • Comes with Three onboard DSP preset modes
    • Provides 2-month Adobe Premiere Rush App

    A Little to Perfection

    • The sound is a bit low

    3. Fifine Desktop Microphone

    Fifine Desktop Microphone

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    If you are looking for a good desktop microphone, therefore, look no further than Finfine, for streamers and gamers this mic is an amazing entry level mic. It readily correlates with the construction quality and audio quality of mics that are far more costly. Its design is quite durable and sturdy since it is made from quality materials accompanied by extendable tripod desk stands. As a result, even if you put it on an uneven surface, the stand will help you to make it stable.
    Additionally, it also comes with a USB microphone with a Cardioid polar pattern to ensure that the recording is great by optimizing YouTube audio recording or Audacity app recording. What’s more? You can possibly change the output volume conveniently controlled by the PC microphone with the volume control knob. Therefore, whether you want to volume up, down, or mute, this feature is a nice studio microphone recording tool for broadcasting.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Made of sturdy and durable material
    • Provides clear and stable sound
    • Equipped with Cardioid polar pattern
    • Easy to install

    A Little to Perfection

    • The construction is not quite durable as mentioned 

    2. TKGOU Desktop Microphone

    TKGOU Desktop Microphone

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    You almost reach our last product. The modern design with an affordable price award would be given to TKGOU desktop microphone. It comes with a three-legged stand design while the shock mount can be removable and attached directly to a rising stand with a threaded 5/8 ” insert. Like other products, it contains a Cardioid polar pattern to filter out the noise and pick up only the needed voice to produce a smooth and clear sound.  
    Furthermore, it has a superb and clear sound frequency response of 20 Hz-20KHz.  As a result, for singing, speech, and voice over, the prolonged frequency response is excellent. The microphone also performs wonderfully in sound reproduction guarantees that the beautiful sound reproduces on the internet. In addition to that, to have a clean and professional recording, the double layer mesh panel can demolish troublesome plosives and prevent distortion.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Portable and versatile design
    • Provides excellent and clear sound quality
    • Equipped with unique cardioid polar pattern
    • Easy to install

    A Little to Perfection

    • The noise cancellation is not effective

    1. Blue Yeti Desktop Microphone

    Blue Yeti Desktop Microphone

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    Finally, you have arrived at your destination, which is our last product. The Blue Microphone Yeti is our top pick for the best PC microphone. The sound quality is not only outstanding for the price, but it also has features that you might find that you cannot live without. Whether you are intending to use it for games, podcasting, voiceovers, YouTube recordings, Skype calls, Hangouts, or any of the above, this microphone would never disappoint you.
    Besides that, to use it for solo chatting, phone calls, in-person interviews, music recording, and more, you can turn it between 4 modes. You can plugin and adjust the volume of a pair of headphones, alter how responsive the mic is. More than that, it comes with a good durable base that helps the mic to be moved to the right location on your desktop.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Lightweight and space-saving design 
    • Provides the best quality sound ever
    • Contains four different pickup patterns
    • Easy to install

    A Little to Perfection

    • Not quite durable

    Buying Guides to Choosing Best Desktop Microphones in 2023 


    When shopping for a microphone, sound quality will always be the most important consideration. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can opt for the highest sampling rate and widest range of frequencies. Thus, it depends on what you want to use the microphone for. You should settle on the required specifications. For instance, recording podcasts can have lower standards than recording musical vocals). While the majority of USB microphones have a cardioid polar pattern that matches varieties of use. But you might want to search for mics that integrate switchable polar patterns if you need flexibility.


    Portability is one of the features that make USB microphones so popular. You may not have to hold a sound card for this functionality, plus they are compliant with most operating systems. As a consequence, it is simple to carry small and lightweight microphones. Moreover, there are also several microphones that have a built-in tripod, so you don’t have to search for a mic stand around. In addition to that, don’t ignore that a carrying case is compulsory if you want to take your mic around, so you may want to buy one that comes with a case or pouch.


    When it comes to the microphone, the customers tend to look over this point. However, even though we tend to use it in the room more than outdoors, durability is worth thinking about. Our advice is that if you want to bring it around, you should not get a mic that is too brittle, so try to catch out for the materials that have been used to produce it. Also, robust construction performance also makes a product durable which adds to its overall value and quality.

    Ease of use

    Most desktop microphones are mostly targeted at beginners so that the customers probably get a mic that is easy to set up and use them efficiently. Most USB microphones are “plug-and-play” on both phone and computer, which ensures that no extra program has to be built on your device for recording purposes. Furthermore, some of them can also record on tablets and smartphones directly which is a function that can be beneficial if you do not plan to record with your device.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Desktop Microphones in 2023 

    What is a polar pattern? 

    Many people have asked this question and are wondering whether they should buy the microphone with this feature. The polar pattern is the sound responsiveness that is collected from various directions surrounding the microphone. It’s basically the listening area. However, not all diaphragms of microphones are built the same, so it can be different for each polar pattern. Ultimately, this influences how the microphone feels and how much sound is produced as well.

    Would I damage my microphone with a condenser if I unplug it before shutting off the phantom power?

    As hot-plugging is engaged or connected, plugging or disconnecting a condenser microphone will cause damage to the microphone. If the light switch is on, it is like turning a lightbulb. Therefore, you will hear a loud pop that is damaging to speakers because of the large voltage surge when attaching or disconnecting. As a result, this can theoretically damage the microphone in certain circumstances. However, the best thing to do is when you plug it in, the best practice is to switch on phantom power and switch off phantom power once you unplug it.


    Finally, what you are waiting for is coming. Thank you so much for spending time and attention to read our review. We understand that choosing the ultimate desktop microphone for some people is just a piece of cake. However, to some people, it is hard to climb the mountain since they are just beginners while there are many factors to look at such as technical, price, sound quality, portability, and so on and so forth.
    Therefore, we really hope that our review which contains a buying guide, FAQ, and detailed product description could help you to understand better the features and functions of the desktop microphone. Moreover, the 10 products that we recommend are all carefully chosen and highly recommended by many customers in the markets for years.  Last but not least, we are glad to share the best things in our review and we are looking forward to hearing good news. 


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