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Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners in 2023 Reviews

    For students, stationery items are one of the most important ones. Nowadays, stationery stuff is presented in amusing and alluring design in order to make sure students stay fascinated towards studies. Not only students but even working professionals and old-aged people require stationery items. One of the most crucial ones among them is the pencil sharpener. With gradual advancement brought in the manufacturing of pencil sharpeners, the recent ones are made electric propelled. So, there is no point of worry about the sharpness of the pencil and the mess created during sharpening. Precise sharpening in a smooth and quick manner is facilitated with the choice of a decent quality pencil sharpener. An individual of any age will find great convenience to use them. To get proper insights on some of the finest electric pencil sharpeners available currently, look below:

    Table of Contents

    List of Top 12 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners in 2023 Reviews on Amazon.Com

    12. Bostitch QuietSharp 6 Heavy Duty Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener:

     Bostitch QuietSharp 6 Heavy Duty Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

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    Equipped with long cutter life, this Bostitch electric pencil sharpener lets you sharpen your pencil precisely. Actually, it comes with 10 times longer cutter life and it possesses an additional durable helical cutter. This cutter is exceptionally developed by Bostitch Engineers which focuses on long life without dulling. Due to its quiet working mechanism, this sharpener is solely designed to keep your running while attending the classroom or studying.


    • The corresponding super duty motor equipped with thermal overload protection makes sure the device stay protected against overheating.
    • It can seamlessly sharpen a huge volume of pencils without any chances of a break.
    • Availability of the tamper-proof safety switch turns off the motor when huge shavings bin is removed.
    • Implementation of the tip saver technology avoids issues of over-sharpening and prolongs pencil life.

    11. Fosmon Kids Friendly Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener:

     Electric Pencil Sharpener, Fosmon Kids Friendly Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener

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    Powered either electrically or by battery as per your convenience, this Fosmon pencil sharpener is perfect for home, school or office. As implied by its product name, it is a kid-friendly sharpener so if any part is missing, the device would not execute. The availability of the receptacle storage is simple to remove and maintain cleanliness with the reduced mess.


    • Inclusion of the 3 position point adjuster allows you to select the desired point; the availability f the points are sharp, medium and blunt.
    • Presence of the rubberized pads at the base makes sure the electric sharpener does not move while using.

    10. BENGOO Electric Durable and Portable Pencil Sharpener:

     Pencil Sharpener with Auto Feature

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    The appreciation of the flawless working of this portable pencil sharpener goes to its powerful motor. It is this motor that polishes and sharpens the particular pencil in less time. So, a seamless shaving experience is facilitated. In general cases, the pencils would be trimmed in a few seconds. Discussing its mode of operation, it can be either operated by using an included USB power cord or 2 AA batteries. So, it is certain that the shaving experience is convenient and portable.


    • Implementation of the auto feature& safety design allows the sharpener to begin running automatically by just pressing down the pencil. The operation will be stopped once the sharpening is finished and the pressure is released.
    • The 8mm diameters shaving entrance would avoid your fingers from being placed inside. So, your fingers will stay protected. This feature is extremely useful to protect kids during their use.

    9. Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener by OfficeGoods:

     Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener

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    Operation of this version of electric pencil sharpener from OfficeGoods is propelled in 3 different ways. It can be powered by an electrical outlet and if it is not available, it can be powered by batteries or by USB cord & AC adapter. This gives assurance that you may use this tool anywhere without worrying about its mode of operation. Whether it is at school, home, office or conference, this electric pencil sharpener is a suitable choice.


    • To precisely fit on a small desk, the footprint is made small. So, it could fit almost anywhere even in the compact space.
    • Any new pencil can be sharpened in less than 10 to 15 seconds.
    • Execution of the safety feature is found to be kid-friendly. With the availability of an exclusive safety tab, the sharpener will be stopped from working while shaving cover is discarded.

    8. Victagen Electric Pencil Sharpener, Heavy Duty:

     Victagen Electric Pencil Sharpener

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    Now you can get rid of the manual sharpening if you have invested in this Victagen electric pencil sharpener. Its working mechanism is quick and powerful because all mess will be captured inside the shaving box. In this way, the cleaning of scrapes will be extremely easy and hassle-free. Actually, its operation is driven by 3 unique ways –electric or USB cords or batteries. While traveling if there is unavailability of the electrical outlet then the sharpener can be powered by batteries. In battery-powered mode, total4 AA batteries are used. Alternatively, you may run it through an AC adapter & USB cord.


    • Precise sharpening is facilitated without harming your fingers.
    • Its unique design incorporates a slide switch that enables the user to select from 3 unique sharpness settings. Names of these sharpness settings are sharp, medium, and blunt.
    • Its overall size is made compact to fit easily inside your pocket.
    • It perfectly works to sharpen your pencil for colored pencils, sketching pencils, normal pencils, etc.

    7. School Smart Electric Pencil Sharpener:

     School Smart Electric Pencil Sharpener

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    The single-hole horizontal electric pencil sharpener streamlines the tasks of sharpening. It is a reliable stationery item that can be used with colored or lead pencils.  Designed keeping in mind versatility, this School Smart sharpener would aptly meet your needs. You may use in home, office, studio, studio, art classroom, and more. There would be no doubts about safety since it is prepared with a hassle-free auto-stop safety feature. Furthermore, its durable construction facilitates a long life.


    • Inclusion of the huge shavings receptacle facilitates hassle-free disposal.
    • There is the arrangement of an automated operating system which means that it possesses an auto-reset device. This device makes sure your pencil attains the finest touch of the blade.

    6. SMARTRO Electric Pencil Sharpener:

     SMARTRO Electric Pencil Sharpener

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    Some of the noticeable specialties of the SMARTRO made electric pencil sharpener is its compact size and portability. So, it is extremely simple to transport. Its precise sharpening makes it an ideal choice for students, professors, artists, engineers, architects, and fashion designers. Whether you wish to write, draw or color, you may sharpen your pencil with this tool. In the present market, it is one of the finest battery powered or USB pencil sharpener. It can be powered through 4 AA batteries or adapter or by a standard USB outlet.


    • The kid-friendly protection is conveyed since it would not execute if the cover is taken away or installed improperly. So, it would not damage the delicate fingers of your children.
    • Its operation is made sufficiently powerful to sharpen any pencil to a durable point in less than 3-5 seconds.
    • It comes with two holes for accommodating 6-8mm and 9-12mm diameter pencils distinctly.

    5. Artist Choice Electric-Pencil-Sharpener Battery Powered:

     Artist Choice Electric-Pencil-Sharpener Battery Powered Heavy Duty Helical Blade Pencil Sharpener

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    Eliminating the hassles of manual sharpening, the use of this Artist choice sharpening tool will guarantee hassle-free sharpening. Its operation is driven by a total of 4 AA batteries. There would be no hassles to discard shavings because all scrapes will be contained inside the shaving box. It is true that the fine art colored pencils but you may use this sharpener to attain a fine point.


    • Its high-end helix stainless cutter creates a consistent, smooth, sharp time whenever used.
    • Being completely child proof, it can be used by artists, students, engineers, professionals, and more.
    • Its compact yet powerful design fits conveniently on any desk.
    • Pencils will be sharpened very quickly and with simplicity.
    • The finest point is guaranteed with reduced shavings.

    4. Electric Pencil Sharpener – Ideal For No. 2 and Colored Pencils:

     Electric Pencil Sharpener - Battery Operated

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    It is a recommended idea to replace a manual pencil sharpener with this battery powered tool. Using this versatile electric pencil sharpening tool, every pencil is perfectly sharpened to a perfect point. This guarantees great simplicity in drawing, writing, coloring and more. Regardless of the age of users, this sharpening tool is ideal for everyone. Not only students but even working professionals can use it for their office use. Being petite ad lightweight, this automatic pencil sharpener is stared as an ideal choice for artists, students, and professionals. Since it is a battery powered tool, there is no need to find a place to plug in.


    • Use of the cutting-edge, auto-stop safety feature is found to be kids and adults friendly. This feature makes sure the tool is prevented from being used if any accessory is missing.
    • There are no occurrences of hurting your fingers during use, so kids can use it safely in the classrooms.
    • It is ideal for any setting since it can seamlessly handle soft lead and colored pencils with simplicity. When you are intending to sharpen a colored pencil or No.2 pencils, this tool is for you.
    • Taking into account the delivery of excellent performance, this sharpener showcases an auto-stop feature that defends the pencil point.

    3. OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener:

     OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener

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    Another great electric pencil sharpener from OfficePro in this list, you will perceive precise sharpening through its sharp blades. Essentially, this model of sharpener utilizes premium quality stainless steel helical blade. It is this razor sharp blade that is highly durable. Now you can flawlessly sharpen one pencil after another without any break; you would avail a consistent fine point each time you use it.

    It is a recommended sharpening tool for placing a perfect point on the majority of the pencils. These include golf pencils, colored pencils with hard leads, and drafting pencils. Glancing at its working operation, the tool is essentially battery operated and extremely portable. Total 4 AA batteries drive this compact unit. Just slip it inside your bag and carry it everywhere.


    • The sharpening tool is equipped with an easy to grip body along with a secure shavings reservoir. Its configuration showcases a vertical design with comfortable ergonomic features. So, the tool is convenient to hold without creating any mess.
    • It is possible to sharpen with confidence since it comes with safe auto-stop blade operation. Once the pencil gets sharpened, the included blade would stop automatically.

    2. JARLINK Electric Pencil Sharpener, Heavy-duty Helical Blade:

     JARLINK Electric Pencil Sharpener

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    Flawless sharpening experience is facilitated as per your own convenience with the incorporation of the powerful motor. The use of durable and heavy-duty helical blade enables quick sharpening for the duration of 5-10 seconds. Its working will be stopped automatically at a perfect point in order to protect pencil lead. Also, this feature disposes of the busted lead smartly.  A convenient fit is employed for sharpening colored pencils, #2 pencils, charcoal pencils, etc.


    • The facility of the 8mm diameters shaving entrance protects the fingers of kids from insertion inside the tools.
    • There are multiple power sources available to power the tool through 4 AA batteries; you may also power it through an AC plug.
    • It is flexible to use and convenient to carry anywhere.
    • A huge amount of shavings can be stored inside its large capacity shavings reservoir.

    1. X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener:

     X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Blue, 1 Count-Electric Pencil Sharpeners

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    Designed keeping in mind the classroom use, this model of the X-ACTO School Pro sharpener is effective to use. It blends the smart sharpening technology with durable construction for long-lasting performance. Working mechanism uses a flyaway helical cutter to successfully sharpen different types of pencils to circular tips without avoiding issues of over-sharpening. The built-in electric motor silently provides consistent sharpening power.


    • An auto-reset feature avoids issues of overheating.
    • Its operation is adjustable for total 6 pencil sizes, so the sharpener is intended to fulfill the needs of the classroom.
    • Its durable construction is capable to bear wear & tear.
    • The included electric motor is silent in operation and it offers reliable power with reduced disruption.

    Concluding Note:

    To hone your artistic talents when it comes to writing, drawing, etc. these electric pencil sharpeners are recommended choices. There will be no scrapes or mess and the sharpening is precise.

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