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Best Food Storage Containers In 2023

    When we hear about the food, it will remind you of the word freshness, sanitation, and safety. As we cannot live without food, you need to find a good quality container to keep the food in their original state and taste. Therefore, we should have a container to store this food, so that it will not be spoiled or become stale.
    Besides, when you are going to a picnic, you always need to make your meal for your beloved family or friends rather than buying from the outside, because those food are not safe or it will cost more than your meal. Just like a slogan that states “A home-cooked meal is always better than the bought one.” Therefore, you should purchase a food container to pack your food. Hence, we have decided to research some of the best food storage to accompany you for your lovely picnic and daily life. Here are The Best Food Storage in 2023 that we highly recommended for you.

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    List of 10 Best Food Storage In 2023

    10. Snapware Food Storage Container

    Snapware Food Storage Container

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    The 18 pieces container set is perfect for packing your food. This product set contains 2 pieces of the round container, 2 pieces square container, one rectangular, and 4 pieces of rectangle containers with a lid. Moreover, you can easily clean the container and write the label on it, as it is plastic.
    Plus, it is BPA-free polypropylene which you can put in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher, but it is only for the top rack lid. Besides, the lid tap is securely made, so that the air cannot go through and the food will not be a leak from the container. On top of that, you also get a limited lifetime warranty.
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • 18 pieces of containers in a set
    • Can keep in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher
    • Airtight and leak-proof
    • Easy to clean and write
    • BPA-free polypropylene
    • Durability
    • Limited time warranty

    A Little to Perfection:

    • Some of the containers are too small

    9. Glasslock Food Storage Containers Walmart

    Glasslock 18-piece assorted oven safe container set

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    This food storage container from the brand Glasslock comes in different sizes and types for your everyday life needs. Made from glass, you will be able to recognize your stuff quickly when you take it out of the fridge or cabinet. Furthermore, this container is odor-free, stain-proof with an air-liquid resistance, which preserves the freshness of your food without other smells. 
    Plus, you can recycle this product when you have used it for a long time. Thus, it does not affect the environment because it does not contain any harmful chemicals at all. Moreover, you also can use it in a microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven without any worry. Besides, it is BPA and FDA approved standard, because it is safe to use in the food industry.
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • 18 pieces in a set come in different sizes and types
    • Odor-free, stain-proof with air-liquid resistant
    • Eco-friendly, recyclable
    • Airtight and leak-proof
    • Stackable, durable, versatile, easy to clean
    • Can be used in microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven
    • BPA and FDA approved

    A Little to Perfection:

    • The lid is a little hard to remove

    8. Best Dry Food Storage Container – Oggi 

    Best Dry Food Storage Container-Oggi

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    This awesome storage container is the best for storing your dry food such as cookies, spices, flours, nuts, cereals, or any food. Made from Acrylic with a round shape, this is an ideal container to pack your kitchen staple and your favorite food. Besides, there are planted locking clams in each container, so you will be able to close the lid in a secure position.
    Plus, it can preserve your food from moisture, as it has an airtight lid with silicone gaskets. Furthermore, you can clean and take care of it easily. Due to the transparent designs, you can notice the box easily when you’re in a hurry.
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • 5 Piece containers in a set
    • Ideal for keeping your kitchen organized
    • Has airtight lid with silicone gaskets and locking clam
    • Easy to clean and take care of with a damp cloth
    • Safe, transparent, and good quality
    • Strong, lightweight, and durable

    A Little to Perfection:

    • The rubber seal easily comes off.

    7. Long Term Food Storage Containers – EasyLunchboxes

    Long Term Food Storage Containers-EasyLunchboxes

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    Designed with 3 perfectly portioned compartments, parents do not have to worry about their children’s balanced meal. Thus, they can pack and control the food easily for any size appetize. Plus, this bento box is portable, reusable, and affordable for preparing your healthy meal. 
    More importantly, this meal box is also kid-friendly because the lid is securable and can be removed easily by toddlers, so they do not feel bothered or uncomfortable while opening it. Besides, you do not need to waste much time to organize the food or clean the container, as it is BPA-free approved. Therefore, you can use it in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • 3 perfectly portioned compartments
    • Kid-friendly, toddlers can open and remove the lid
    • BPA free approved
    • Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher safe
    • Space-saving with the ideal portion
    • High quality, durable and lightweight

    A Little to Perfection:

    • No leak proofs

    6. Rubbermaid Food Storage Container

     Rubbermaid Food Storage Container

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    In order to keep your kitchen staple in each type in an organizing way, you need a lot of storage containers. Thus, these 42-piece boxes in a set will keep you from any worry for purchasing boxes many times as it comes with many shapes and sizes. Moreover, this container is produced from plastic and an easy lid snap, so you can keep track of them easily and pack your food perfectly.
    Besides, this square design is also space-saving, so you can put many boxes in the refrigerator or cabinet. Plus, this container can preserve your fresh food and prevent leaking outside. Also, it is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe because of BPA-free approval.
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • 42-piece boxes in a set
    • Making from plastic and easy tight lid snap
    • Space-saving 
    • Prevent leaking and preserve fresh food
    • BPA-free approved.
    • Portable for carrying
    • Thick, durable for everyday use

    A Little to Perfection:

    • Too many small boxes

    5. Food Storage Container – Chef’s Path

    Food Storage Container-Chef’s Path

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    This 14-piece container from Chef’s Path comes with a measuring spoon set, a chalkboard marker, and bonus reusable chalkboard labels. Thus, you do not have to purchase other components. Plus, you get this set with a variety of sizes at once such as 2 extra-large containers, 4 large containers, 4 medium containers, and 4 small containers. 
    With 4-side locking lids, it can ensure you that no air or water can enter or come out. On top of that, you can also store liquids such as juice, water, or soup without worry as it is airtight. Also, this storage container is stackable so that your kitchen will look organized and neat. Apart from that, this container is durable and safe with high-quality plastic; also, BPA-free recognized. Moreover, if you do not love this container, the customer service will give you full payment, while you can keep the container as well.
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • 14-piece container
    • 2 extra-large containers, 4 large containers, 4 medium containers, and 4 small containers
    • Has measuring spoon set
    • Includes a chalkboard marker 
    • Provides bonus reusable chalkboard labels
    • Easy to clean, stackable, sturdy, durable
    • 4-side locking lids with silicone seal, airtight
    • Liquid friendly
    • BPA-free recognized

    A Little to Perfection:

    • The container is not so clear

    4. Food Container to Go – OXO

    Food Container to Go-OXO

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    Measuring 4.2 x 6.2 x 9.3 inches, this food container is similar to a 5.7 liters bottle. OXO Good Grips POP container is an airtight, space-saving efficient because of its huge space inside the container. Moreover, you can put many types of snacks, spices, staples, as well as rice in huge quantities. 
    Furthermore, this container is designed for your convenience because there is a button that you can push to seal the lid so that it stops the air from entering. Plus, when you want to clean the lid thoroughly, you can just take out the under lid because it can come out easily with the compact part. Besides, this storage container is compatible with the label, date dial, leveler, coffee, or dusting scoops. 
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • Size 4.2 x 6.2 x 9.3 inches
    • 5.7 liters
    • Airtight, stackable and space-efficient
    • Have a handy fill line, a curved corner for smooth dispensing, and sturdy
    • BPA free approved
    • Have push button 

    A Little to Perfection:

    • Need to be careful when carrying by the lid

    3. Glass Food Storage Containers with Glass Lids – Fullstar

    Glass Food Storage Containers with Glass Lids-Fullstar

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    You get 14 pieces of containers in a set with 14 lids in one go. With this snap-lock container, you can store and transport your tasty soup easily without worrying if it spills in your bag. Aside from that, this glass container is also leak-proof with the airtight, watertight seal between the lid and the box. Plus, you can discover the type of food in the box quickly because of the translucent plastic. 
    Therefore, you do not have to waste much time to identify it. On top of that, this glass box does not contain BPA, phthalates, or other toxic chemicals that can leach into your food. Besides, this container can stay in the microwave for under 5 minutes and 700 Watts, which is at least a half container. More importantly, 24/7 customer service is also available for you if you have any questions regarding the product.
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • 14 pieces of the box with 14 lids
    • Snap-lock container, no worry about spilling
    • Leak-proof with an airtight, watertight seal
    • Does not contain BPA, phthalates, or other toxic chemicals
    • Safe, durable, and reliable
    • Impact-resistant, cannot crack with a little bump or drop
    • Can stay in microwave under 5 minutes and 700 Watts
    • Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher safe
    • Have 24/7 customer service

    A Little to Perfection:

    • A little difficult when closing the lid

    2. Amazon Food Storage Container – Vtopmart

    Amazon Food Storage Container-Vtopmart

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    For Pantry Organization, this container is ideal to purchase due to large capacity. This huge container will make everything look neat and tidy since you can stick the name label of your food easily. Moreover, this container set comes with 4 premium food storage canisters, 4 measuring cups, and 24 chalkboard labels, which is perfect to gift for every household. 
    Furthermore, this pantry storage container is BPA-free approved with decent quality as you can afford it at a decent price and use it for a long time. Because it is made from high-grade plastic, you can recognize your stuff from far away quickly. Besides, the Side-locking lid can secure your food from spilling or leaking as well as keeping your food fresh at the same time. Plus, you can stack the container easily, which you can save every inch of your home kitchen. 
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • comes with 4 premium food storage canisters, 4 measuring cups, and 24 chalkboard labels
    • can store 5lbs flour, sugar, and other staple food
    • BPA-free approved with decent quality
    • Making from high-grade plastic, sturdy
    • Have 4 sides clasp lid with an airtight seal
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Stack container easily for space-saving
    • your kitchen will look need and tidy

    A Little to Perfection:

    • Need to hand-wash the lid

    1. Amazon Food Storage Container – Prep Naturals

    Amazon Food Storage Container-Prep Naturals

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    With this reusable or disposable 50 packs in a set, you will rest assured without worry when you plan for a picnic. Moreover, with this container, you can store all of your kitchen or hardware supplies or your valuable stuff without purchasing boxes many times. Produced from heavy-duty plastic, it is durable when you put it in the microwave without melting, warping, or cracking. Plus, you can keep this box in the microwave for under 5 minutes with 700 Watt and is still in its original state.
    On top of that, this container allows you to be able to grab your food easily. Also, it comes in the same size, so you can stack them easily for space-saving in your cabinet or fridge. Besides, this storage container is BPA-free approved, which can preserve your food’s original taste and freshness without stain. Apart from this, 24/7 customer service is also available if you have any questions regarding the product.
    Take-Home into Consideration:

    • 50 pieces of the container in a set
    • Can store kitchen or hardware supplies
    • Made from heavy-duty plastic, durable, safe
    • Without melting, warping, or cracking when putting in microwave, dishwasher
    • Can be put in microwave under 5 minutes with 700 Watt
    • Space-saving, reusable, long-lasting
    • BPA-free approved

    A Little to Perfection:

    • Too many containers for a small family

    Buying Guides To Choosing Best Food Storage Containers in 2023


    First of all, the size of each container is important to pack your food. However, it also depends on what kind of food and the quantity. If you want to store dry food such as flour, rice, spices, or other foods that need huge capacity. As a result, it is always best to buy a huge container because it can carry the weight of your food. Nevertheless, if you want to pack a simple meal for your children or your family, then you should choose a small size similar to a notebook because it is easier for you to balance the meal.


    Frankly speaking, we always want to have the best product for ourselves because we do not want to feel regret after buying as well as waste money. Thus, we should choose the container that has high-quality by looking at its efficiency, flexibility, and security. If the container is sturdy, durable, space-saving, air-liquid resistant, or stackable, then you should purchase this product. Due to this,  it will be long-lasting and suitable for your lifestyle.


    Many people still doubt the material that is used to produce the product. Hence, it is always better to check the material that is used before purchasing by checking the label at the bottom of the container. If you see a BPA-free label, then you should consider buying it because it does not contain many harmful chemicals that can spoil or leach your food. Thus, you can use this container in the microwave, freezer, or dishwasher too.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Best Food Storage Containers in 2023

    Are old food containers safe to store food?

    Mostly the answer is no. However, it depends on the type and material of your container. If it is made from glass, then you can use it for a long time because glass does not contain toxic chemicals at all. Nonetheless, the plastic container is made from various chemicals, therefore, you should not use it for a long time. On the other hand, you can use it for at most 10 years only if it has BPA-free approval and in good condition.  For information, you can check the label or recycle code at the bottom of your container.

    Can you store hot food in a plastic container?

    It is always a good idea not to store your hot food such as soup, or fresh-made food because the steam or smoke from your food can heat the plastic. Even the scientist has said that the plastic container can leach 55 times faster than normal when it is exposed to heat. As a result, it can affect your health because of the harmful chemical in plastic. Even though it is BPA-free approved, there is still a small chance that it can harm you if you have used it many times. As a consequence of this, if you want to heat your food in the microwave, it better to use a glass container rather than plastic.


    Of course, choosing the right food storage container to pack the delicious meal that is made by you is important because the effort in preparing a meal is not easy. Moreover, as you want your family or your loved one to be healthy through this meal, you have to ensure that the food stored in the container is of high quality. Hence, to ensure you’ve got the right food container, you must remember the 3 most essential factors such as size, quality, and material. 
    Due to the fact that there are countless food containers on the market, you should always be careful when buying them. Therefore, you should read this article carefully with the information in detail of these best 10 storage container products so that you will not regret purchasing. Hopefully, this article will help you in choosing the most suitable container for you and your family.

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