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Best Portable DVD Players in 2023 Reviewed

    A DVD player is a handy device to have to watch movies and play games on the go. It is particularly popular among kids especially when they are traveling. That is why portable DVD players come with a car adapter to charge on the go. You can insert USB drive and SD card to play photos and videos. The following list of the top 10 best portable DVD players in 2023. You can also attach the DVD player to your TV to play the videos on the big size. The screen is more eye-friendly, and it is lightweight for easy carry while watching.

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    List of Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2023

    10. UEME Portable DVD Player

     UEME Portable DVD Player, Portable CD Player

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    This personal DVD player comes in white colour and is portable enough to be carried anywhere. It has a 10.1-inch screen and supports CD and DVD disks. The screen of the device is TFT display with high resolution. It supports wall charging and car charging as well. The lightweight structure makes it easy to carry. It also has a USB port and SD card slot through which can be used to play the multimedia files. It also comes with a car headrest mount holder.

    9. Pyle Upgraded Portable DVD Player

     Upgraded Pyle 15" Portable DVD Player

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    This 15 inches portable CD/DVD player has a rechargeable battery which makes it suitable for carrying elsewhere. Its compact size can be easily made to fit inside luggage and bags. The full range dual stereo speakers make the sound quite good for a compact device. It also allows one to listen to the media files using a headphone via the headphone jack. It has a USB port and SD card holder so that movies, images, and audios can be played on the device.

    8. ieGeek Portable DVD Player

     ieGeek 11.5" Portable DVD Player

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    This portable DVD player has an 11.5 inches screen. It also has a 2500mAh battery which can support up to five hours of usage. The AV output and input can also be connected to the television if one wants to watch movies on the big screen. It can also be used via the USB port and SD card slots. The device also supports playing DVD in a loop. It supports multiple formats of DVD and CD and can be played via other sources.

    7. DBPOWER 9-inch Portable DVD Player

     DBPOWER 9" Portable DVD Player

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    This portable DVD player has a swivel screen. The lithium powered battery provides users up to four hours. It can be plugged in using a car charger or AC power adapter. It supports a wide range of CD and DVD media files or by using the SD card or USB ports. It supports swivel with up to 270 degrees rotation. It also supports 180 degrees flip. It can be used as a tablet using the car headrest. The breakpoint memory function is another remarkable feature of the device.

    6. DBPOWER 14-inch Portable DVD Player

     DBPOWER 14" Portable DVD Player

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    The portable DVD player has a swivel screen, and it supports USB and SD card slot. The screen measures 14 inches. The device has powerful lithium powered 2800mAh battery. It supports a wide variety of DVD and CD media formats except for Blu-Ray. With a 270 degree rotation, the screen can be swiveled for a flexible viewing angle. The screen also allows for a 180-degree flip to adjust accordingly. The swivel feature also allows it to be adjusted to the car headrest.

    5. THZY Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player

     THZY 5 Hours 9.5 inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player

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    The 9.5-inch screen portable DVD player supports swivel. It supports up to 270 degrees swivel for creating the perfect visibility. The powerful battery provides five hours of usage. The device is also shock resistant which offers protection from external shocks. It comes with two power adapters which makes it easy enough to be carried anywhere whether in the home or while traveling in the car. It also supports the function of breakpoint memory through which it can resume from the last played file.

    4. COOAU Portable DVD Player

     COOAU 11.5" Portable DVD Player

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    This 9.5-inch swivel screen portable DVD player also comes with a game joystick. It provides about 180 classic games via email. The 2500 mAh lithium battery provides up to five hours of usage. The 360-degree swivel screen allows for viewing from every possible angle. The device has an HD LCD colour screen. The last memory breaks up point function easily allows playing the files. It supports multiple formats of media files. It also has a USB port and SD card slot.

    3. DBPOWER 10.5-inch Portable DVD Player

     DBPOWER 10.5" Portable DVD Player

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    This is a 10.5 inch portable DVD player. It comes in black colour. It can be played till four hours using the 2500 mAh lithium battery. Except for Blu ray DVD, it can support many formats of DVD and CD and also via USB and SD card slots. The 270-degree swivel rotation screen allows for flexibility to allow better visibility. The screen can be flipped up to 180 degrees. It can also be attached to the headrest of the car.

    2. DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player

    DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player

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    The DVD player features under Amazon’s Choice for the portable DVD player. It comes with a rechargeable battery of capacity 2500mAh, and it can run for 5 hours straight. You can power it from car charger and AC power adapter, and it supports all the different formats. Furthermore, it supports 32GB USB and SD card. Moreover, you can play games with a USB game console. The screen size is 800×489 pixels, and it is rotatable, and you can flip it up to 180 degrees. There is memory function available, and you can connect it to your TV to another DVD player as per your requirements.

    1. THZY Upgraded Professional Portable DVD Player

     2023 Upgraded DR.J Professional 14.1 inch 7 Hours Portable DVD Player-Portable DVD Players

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    It is an upgraded portable DVD player that runs up to 7 hours. The 270-degree screen provides clear output. The rechargeable battery provides 7 hours of backup, and the screen can be flipped by 180 degrees. It is shock resistant, and the TFT screen is good for the yes especially kids. You can insert USB drive, SD card, and AV input. It is compatible with various types of media files, and there are two power adapters available so that you can charge it from your car as well. In the package, you will find earphone cable splitter and a remote control for user convenience.


    If you do not have a compact laptop, a portable DVD player is what you need. You cannot really enjoy watching movies and playing games on your smartphone, and that is what DVD player they provide you. They come with the rechargeable battery to provide hours of backup and wireless operation. You can also charge your DBD player from the car adapter. All the above-mentioned portable DVD players are extremely well in quality with balanced features.

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