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Best Salt Lamps in 2023 Reviews

    Himalayan Salt lamps are made by using large pieces of salt crystals from the Himalayas and by keeping a small bulb inside. There are various benefits of using them in your home both mentally and physically. For instance, they can help in absorbing the water and other particles in the air, along with the positive ions in the air. When the bulb is switched on, it also heats up the salt lamp, thus emitting purified water vapour, without any negative ions in them.

    Table of Contents

    10. PULNDA Himalayan Salt Lamp

     PULNDA Himalayan Salt Lamp PULNDA Glow Natural Hand Carved Rock Salt Lamp
    This Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp from Pulnda has a wooden base which is made from neem. The product has excellent purifying and positive energy-inducing properties, which makes it perfect for your workroom or study room. The fact that it can also help in inducing sleep makes it suitable to be used in your bedroom. The various features of PULNDA Rock Salt Lamp have been listed below.

    • Aesthetic design with natural rock salt from the Himalayas
    • Uses a 15-watt bulb for glowing the crystal
    • Air purifying properties
    • A natural way to protect from radiation
    • A sensor in the base to adjust the brightness of the lamp according to the requirement
    • 5.9″ x 5.8″ x 11.2″ dimensions

    9. HARAQI Hand Carved Crystal Salt lamp

     Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Lights
    This two in one pack of rock salt lamps from Haraqi is an excellent choice if you are looking for hand carved salt crystals for illuminating your room. Multiple bulb options are also provided in the package so that you can switch bulbs and use the led to switch the colour being emitted by the lamp. The base is made of high-quality plastic to ensure the longevity of the product. The various features of Crystal Salt lamp by Haraqi have been listed below.

    • 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 3.5″ dimension
    • Multiple bulb options
    • ABS quality plastic used as the base
    • High-density rock salt
    • Easy to use on-off switch

    8. HemingWeigh Himalayan Salt Lamp

     HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Hand Carved
    HemingWeigh Himalayan Salt Lamp is made from high-quality rock salt and comes in a package of two excellent pieces with great aesthetic qualities as well. This makes sure that they match with the interior designing of your home and gives it an extra edge. It has all purification and ambience providing qualities as of some of the best rock salt lamps out there in the market. Using this piece in your workspace will ensure that you not only have a beautiful piece of decor on your table but will also help in improving your productivity. The various other features of the lamp have been listed below.

    • 11″ x 9.8″ x 5.7″ dimension
    • Pure Himalayan Rock Salt
    • A high-quality product from Pakistan
    • Have multiple uses and provides a great ambience

    7. Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc

     Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Crystal Allies
    This product from Crystal Allies is a package of two natural Himalayan salt lamps which weighs 5-8 pounds each. These lamps have been completely handcrafted and are made with a base of neem wood. These lamps can not only add to the aesthetic qualities of your home but will also be in full sync with your decor. With the unique health and mental benefits of these rock salt lamps, they are a definite must have and all the features of Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S have been listed below.

    • Completely natural Himalayan rock salt
    • 100% handmade
    • Neem wood base
    • 2 pieces in the package of decently good size
    • Serves various functions, from decor to health benefits.

    6. Amethya Himalayan Salt Lamp

     Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp. Hand Carved With Elegant Wood Base
    Amethya Himalayan Salt Lamp is a pure natural rock salt lamp which is designed aesthetically to fit in with the interior decor of your home or to be a great table piece for your office desk. Besides being a decoration piece, the product from Amethya is also perfect for physical and mental benefits that are naturally provided by Himalayan rock salts. The lamp provides a subtle glow which can illuminate your room in a nice way and at the same time provides a great ambience. The positive energy spread by the lamp is something that needs to be experienced on itself. The various features of Amethya Himalayan Salt Lamp have been listed below.

    • Perfect to cleanse your room from negative ions and harmful vapours
    • Pure Himalayan rock salt
    • Total weight of around 12 pounds
    • 9″ * 6.7″ * 7.6″ dimensions
    • Wooden base

    5. Light You Himalayan Salt Lamp

     Light You saltlamp Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Shape
    Made of pure Himalayan rock salt, these lamps are all unique compared to each other, due to the fact that each of these crystals has been hand mined. Providing a lot of physical health benefits and mental benefits, having a pure rock salt lamp originated from the Himalayas is one of the best things one can do to improve the mood ongoing at ones home. More features of Light You salt lamp have been listed below.

    • Hand-mined salt crystals from the Himalayas
    • Custom wooden base
    • Great rock salt properties to make life better
    • 6 feet power cord with light that is dimmable
    • 15-watt bulb

    4. Crystal Decor Himalayan Salt Lamp

     Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star Design Metal Basket
    Crystal Decor Himalayan Salt Lamp comes in a unique package which allows the salt to be held in a metal basket with an excellent star design on it. The lamp is also provided with a chord which can be used to dim the brightness of the lamp. The company provides a 90-day money back guarantee to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied with their product and on the other case, they will return the money of their customers, The various features of Crystal Decor Himalayan Salt Lamp have been listed below.

    • Unique design with a star designed metal basket
    • 5″ * 5″ * 5″ dimensions
    • Pure Himalayan Rock Salt
    • Provides great ambience to any room used in
    • Unique decor

    3. Mineralamp NSL-101 Salt Lamp

     Mineralamp NSL-101 Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp
    Mineralamp NSL-101 Salt Lamp is made of pure Himalayan salt with a base that is made of Indian rosewood. Each of the lamp produced by the company varies in shape as all of them are made from natural rock salts but they all provide the same cleansing and positive energy spreading qualities. The lamp has been provided with a switch to dim the light according to the amount of light you want from the lamp. The various features of Mineralamp NSL-101 Salt Lamp have been listed below.

    • Pure Himalayan rock salt
    • Original Rosewood base from India
    • Dimmable light
    • Unique lamps
    • 8 to 11 pounds weight

    2. Mockins 2 PACK Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp
    Mockins 2 PACK Himalayan Salt Lamp comes in a package of 2 separate lamps which have been made from natural Himalayan rock salt and is fitted with a very well designed wooden base. The company provides a money back guarantee if the customer is not guaranteed with the product. The lamp is fitted with an on-off switch for easy functioning. The various features of Mockins Salt Lamp have been listed below.

    • Package of 2
    • Well styled wooden base
    • Money back guarantee
    • 100% Himalayan rock salt

    1. LEVOIT Kana Salt Lamp

     LEVOIT Kana Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Pink Crystal Hand Carved Hymalain Lamps-Salt Lamps
    LEVOIT Kana Salt Lamp is made of pure Himalayan rock salt pink in colour and is fitted with a wooden base which has been made of rubberwood. A dimmable switch has been fitted to the lamp so that the users can set the illumination according to their exact requirement. The various features of LEVOIT Kana Salt Lamp have been listed below.

    • Pure pink rock salt
    • Rubberwood base
    • Dimmable switch
    • Customer satisfaction guarantee

    These are some of the best Himalayan rock salt lamps available in the market. They make a great decor for your home/office while also providing its unique cleansing properties. Buying one of these is surely a small investment you will not regret.

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