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Best Stun Baton in 2023

    Star Warrior Stun Gun 150,000v, Legal Max Amps

    You can always encounter attacks from either human or animal. Especially, when you travel alone at night, there is a high risk of an accident. That is why you should always improve your personal safety anywhere you go.  If you happen to be around crime-prone areas during late hours, you should always bring yourself a self-defense gear to help prevent attackers. Those items include pepper spray, high lumen touch, and stun baton is one of the best effective tools to use.

    Without any delay, we would like to introduce you to these top 10 best stun batons in 2023. These products are the best self-protection gears for both day time and night time. Their shocking mechanism helps to destabilize the muscles of attackers without causing intense injury at all. As a result, it buys yourself time to escape from the attack. Besides featuring a high voltage shocking system, they come with a flashlight that is able to lighten up your walking path too. After all, this might get you interested in owning one. This article below is going to be very useful in helping you get the most suitable stun baton to protect yourself.

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    10. Guard Dog Security Onguard Stun Gun with Dual LED Flashlights

    Stun Baton

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    To begin our list, let us start with this Stun Gun from Guard Dog Security Company. This product is not only to prevent yourself from a dog attack, but it is also for handling other human attacks and for road lighting at night. Because it comes with LED flashlights, it is good to use in low light areas to improve nighttime visibility. In addition, it is built with a high voltage which operates its shocking system to reduce the ability to use the muscles of the attackers. Although it shocks, it only stops the muscles from working only for a short while and it does not cause any serious injuries at all.

    Beside looking exactly like a real knife, it also comes with a good grip that allows you to ergonomically hold it during the defense. Meanwhile, its anti-slip and anti-grip design help you to hold it firmly while preventing assailant from getting to hold the gear from you. What is more, this Stun Batons features a safety switch that allows you to shut down the operation of the knife right away when in need.

    What We Like: 

    • Good design & secure to hold
    • Has an effective high voltage operation
    • Features a safety switch for immediate shutdown
    • Comes with 2 LED flashlights

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Too lightweight

    9. Southern Garden Tools Self-Defense Stun Batons

    Self-defense tool

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    If you happen to walk alone at night, we highly suggest you to this Stun Batons from Southern Garden Tools. The product looks like a walking stick cane, yet it is able to deliver up to 1 million volts during the click of operation. Therefore, it is good enough to stop the working of muscles for a period of time and allows you to escort yourself from the attack. All you need is 5 to 10 minutes of operation. Furthermore, the design makes it suitable for elders to use. However, the product is exactly made for everyone needing to defend themselves at night time or in crime-prone areas. Although it looks like this, it is not really heavy at all. The item’s weight is almost 3 pounds only which is light enough for the user to carry it around.

    Alongside that, it also comes with an LED flashlight that is able to produce brightness to brighten up your walking path. Once the stick runs out of battery, users can recharge it as it features a rechargeable battery. It takes about 1 to 2 hours for it to get fully charged again. Another thing is that users can also adjust their desirable length from 32 inches up to 36 inches high as well. For this reason, they do not need to bend down during walking at all.

    What We Like: 

    • The design of a walking stick
    • Features adjustable height
    • High voltage system up to 1 million volts
    • Has a built-in bright LED light
    • Ability to stop the working of muscle in 5 minutes
    • Lightweight & ergonomic to hold

    What We Don’t Like:

    • None

    8. VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Batons, Rechargeable, LED Flashlight

    Product highlight:

    • Powerful stun gun
    • Snatch protection feature
    • Super sharp electrode spikes
    • Slip-resistant rubber coating

    VIPERTEK VTS-989 - 999,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

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    Are you wondering how to improve your safety when outdoors without having to carry noticeable weapons? The perfect answer for you is this heavy-duty Stun Batons by VIPERTEK. Unlike other large stun guns, this one is compact enabling you to carry it with ease. Therefore, you do not need to look for a large bag to port this gadget. Plus, Designed with a powerful internal rechargeable battery, it gives high performance; hence, guarantees personal safety.

    Forget about those stun guns in which the attacker is able to grab and use it against you. This one features a snatch safety that ensures that you are safe and criminals cannot dose you with an electric shock. On the other hand, the rubberized coating makes it hard for the gun to be grabbed since it is firm and non-slipping. Even when the crook is wearing thick clothing, the stun gun has super sharp electrodes that will still deliver the shock.

    What We Like: 

    • Compact and easy to carry design
    • A super bright LED flashlight
    • Inbuilt rechargeable battery
    • Snatch Protection feature
    • Slip-resistant rubber coating
    • Super Sharp electrode spikes

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Long charging time

    7. Guard Dog Security Hornet World’s Smallest Stun Gun Keychain


    keychain stun gun

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    The next product is also from Guard Dog Security, and this Stun Batons is a very compact stun gun that allows users to attach it with their key chain. Although it is small, it has the ability to help you defend yourself from attackers or dogs. With its hornet high voltage, users can use it to shock the attackers or animals. Within a few minutes of getting shocked, their muscles will not be able to work as usual. As a result, this enables you to attack back and escape for the accident.

    Besides featuring the stun gun system, there is also a built-in flashlight that comes with 3 LED bulbs. This is enough to lighten up the area you are walking in. Since it is small, this makes it convenient to carry and put inside your pocket. Nobody would even notice it as a stun gun since it has a keychain-alike construction.

    What We Like: 

    • Compact construction
    • Comes with a safety switch
    • Ability to offer strong brightness

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Requires long charging hour

    6. VIPERTEK VTS-195 – Aluminum Heavy Duty Stun Gun, Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight (tactical stun baton)

    Aluminum Series 999,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

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    There is no reason why you should walk barehanded, especially when trekking in high crime-prone areas. It is always great to have a handy safety device that can be of help in case of an attack. For this reason, this heavy-duty tactical flashlight with a stun gun is a superb choice for anyone when wanting to have safety guaranteed during the time of walking. The torch is safe and secure to carry to most places where weapons are prohibited. With 400 lumens, it delivers perfect illumination in the darkness.

    Also, being created from airplane grade aluminum, the gadget is perfect for tactical utilization. Additionally, the strong electric shock ability delivers incredible current into the attacker body; thereby, immobilizing and paralyzing them temporarily and getting yourself a getaway window. Moreover, the firm grip always ensures the baton is in your hand without slipping. With an internal rechargeable battery and durable LED bulbs, the device lasts for years.

    What We Like:

    • Extra durable bulbs
    • Strong light beam
    • Tough construction to improve durability
    • Bright 400-lumen flashlight
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum
    • 100,000 hours LED bulb

    What We Don’t Like: 

    • difficult to find charging cord replacement

    5. Police 305-Extreme Voltage Stun Gun, Tactical LED Flashlight, Safety Cap and Case (police stun batons)

    Police 305 - 999,000,000 Extreme Voltage Stun Gun

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    The only way to defeat an attacker is to immobilize him/her. That is why these stun batons is a good choice when one is walking in the streets. Among the fantastic selection to make is this Police 305-extreme voltage stun gun. Just as the name, the device delivers extreme voltage hat disorient and disables the attacker, be it human or wild animal. Thereby, leaving you with enough time to walk without raised adrenaline. More amazingly, even without being in contact with the attacker, the stun gun can still deliver electric shock and intimidating sound.

    Besides the gadget acts as a teaser, it is also designed like a flashlight. With powerful LED bulbs, they deliver astonishingly 400 lumens. Most importantly, with this kind of illumination, it is possible to spot the attacker easily and can act as a tool for self-defense. Build from heavy-duty ABS material; this flashlight is durable and lightweight. In addition, the fitted safety cap is effective in enhancing safety and keep a device from discharging accidentally.

    What We Like:

    • Safety switch and cap prevents accidents
    • Compact and durable plastic
    • Available with carrying case

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Too big to put into the pocket

    4. Streetwise Police Force 9,200,000 Tactical Stun Flashlight

    stun flashlight

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    This is also a mini stun flashlight from Streetwise company. It features ”Police Force” Logo on top of it which looks attractive. On top of that, its compact and lightweight construction allows users to conveniently carry it around. Built with Triple Stun Technology, the item is able to produce very high voltage effective to shock the attacker. Although this Stun Batons attacks in high voltage of about 9 million volts, it does not cause any injuries at all and can totally guarantee safety. During the shocking, it only stops human muscles from working for a short while only.

    While using this, users do not have to spend money on purchasing extra batteries at all. It comes handily with rechargeable batteries which only requires you to charge once it runs out. This Streetwise Police Force is a reliable stun gun that is an award-winning and also highly used by officers.

    What We Like: 

    • Compact Construction
    • High Voltage
    • Get fully charged very quickly
    • Very popular among officers

    What We Don’t Like:

    • None

    3. VIPERTEK VTS-881 – 35 Billion Micro Stun Gun

    small stun gun

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    This Stun Batons from VIPERTEK might be small in size, but you just cannot resist its capability to attack strikers. Even it is very compact and lightweight, it features up to 35 billion micro stun that is enough to disrupt muscles from working temporarily. Even when you have not put this stun gun in contact with the attacker’s skin yet, it still can deliver the electric current that enables them to stop their action right away. However, you do not have to worry that it might cause injuries or anything. The product comes with an immediate safety switch that you can click right away if you think the shocking amount is enough for the users.

    Alongside that, there is also a bright flashlight built in the gun too. Thanks to the LED bulb, you can now walk and see the assailant clearly. What is more, users need not worry about it slipping off from the hand. The exterior of this self-defense tool nicely comes with a non-slip rubber coating that offers ergonomic holding.

    What We Like: 

    • String electric current
    • Easy to hold
    • Comes with a safety switch
    • Features bright LED flashlight

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Can be too thick to put in the pocket

    2. Guard Dog Security Inferno Compact Stun Gun Flashlight

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    If you are a woman and having to come back home from work late at night, it is better to have with you a quality Stun Batons to defend yourself during the time of crisis. This one is a mini stun gun from Gaurd Dog Security too. It has a compact size that allows users to easily put it into. On the other hand, you can also hang it like a keychain of your crossbody bag and grab it right away if there is an attack. Simple press the button, and the technology will deliver electric current right away to interrupt the muscles of the assailant from working.

    Together with its bright flashlight, the stun gun also functions as a torch to lighten up your way home as well. Users can also save money from buying additional batteries as well because this one already comes with built-in rechargeable batteries.

    What We Like: 

    • Small & lightweight which is easy to hold
    • Has a bright flashlight
    • Simple operation
    • Strong electric current delivering
    • Comes with a warranty

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Nothing to dislike

    1. O-MEGA STUN GUNS Star Warrior Stun Gun 150,000V

    Star Warrior Stun Gun 150,000v, Legal Max Amps-Stun Baton

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    Walking on the streets or hiking in the park, you can encounter a crook or animal. Without any self-defense mechanism, you become a soft target and vulnerable. But, why should you risk your life? A stun baton is a way to go, with the ability to deliver an electric shock to the attacking body; it causes complete immobilization. As a result of this, it allows you to take appropriate action. This is what you achieve when you buy this 150,000 volts stun gun from O-Mega stun guns. The baton styled stun is ergonomic and gives you a perfect grip.

    Unlike the other stun guns on the market, this one comes with two powerful 9 Volts Duracell batteries. This gives it the power to fall any attacker, be it human or animal. Besides, with non-projectile design, it is considered one of the best engineered. Plus, the 360 electrification design means the baton is impossible to fall into the hands of the attacker since it delivers current in all directions. Lastly, with high application among police and militaries, it’s a reliable product for enhanced safety.

    What We Like:

    • Hard for an attacker to grab
    • Powerful and reliable batteries
    • Wrist straps for added grip
    • High engineering without non-projectile
    • Entire shaft electrification
    • Non-projectile design
    • 150,000 V legal Amp
    • Dual 9V dry cells

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Can be too big and does not fit into a bag

    Buying Guide to Choosing a Good Quality Stun Batons

    Consider Voltage

    Since there is a wide range of stun guns on the market that features different voltage output, you should learn about the amount appropriate to use. Some products come with very high voltage but very low in electric current. Therefore, it is safe to use as a self-defense mechanism. This is because it will not cause any serious injuries to the strikers at all. All it just is to stop the muscle from working temporarily. However, it could be dangerous if you use the ones that are high in both voltage and electric current.

    Consider Size of the Item

    The next thing to consider is the size of the item. If you are a woman and always travel back home late, we highly recommend that you get a compact one as it can be ergonomic and convenient to hold. Besides, you can fit it inside your bags too. Some can be very small which looks just like a keychain, and you can attack them right to the zipper hole.

    Look for Law Pertaining

    It is a must to do before you make any purchases of a stun baton. Since the wrong engineering of any certain product can cause serious injuries or even death to the attackers, you might need to be careful about this point. You might want to ask for or understanding legal restrictions on the use of tools first. If it is legal to use, feel free to purchase it.

    Other Features

    Lastly, you might also have other features to consider. Firstly, you might need to consider its anti-slipping features as this one can prevent the item from falling off your hands during the time of dealing with the attackers. Then, you might want to look for the one coming with a flashlight too as it is useful for you to see the road clearly or get noticed about the attackers in advance. Another thing is it is always better to invest a little extra of money to get the one with a safety switch as it can prevent any incident from happening.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is a stun baton?

    A: To simply put, a stun batons or a stun gun is a self-defense tool that uses low electric current to shock a person if there is a contact between the human skin to the item. Some might still be able to shock just when the skin is nearby. This shocking tool does not make any injuries at all. It only stocks to temporarily interrupt the muscles from working so that the one who encounters the attack can get to escape from the incident.

    Q: How does a stun baton work?

    A: The stun baton works by utilizing high voltage output yet low in electric current to shock the attackers, be it humans or animals that are in contact with it. Thus, the assailant will be unable to mobilize.

    Q: Can a stun baton kill a person?

    A: Sometimes, the shock from stun baton can result in immediate cardiac arrest or death because the electric current and voltages can be too high. That is why it is better to seek legal restrictions before making any purchase.

    Q: Do a stun gun work through clothing?

    A: The answer is YES. A stun gun can still work very well even through clothing. Once you put the prongs firmly on the sticker, the shocking will go through their clothes to their skin, and to their muscles.


    Stun guns are simple gadgets but they offer tremendous personal safety. If you think you often go across crime-prone areas or come back home late at night, it is always a good idea to readily have a stun gun with you wherever you g. With these top 10 best stun batons above, it is now easy to foil a personal attack by animal or criminal.

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