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Best Waterproof Jackets for Men in 2023

    Going outside under the bad weather does not struggle you anymore when you possess functional and stylish waterproof jackets for men in your closet. You are free to go out to do the most demanding activities, any kind of sports, and extra hobbies. The top 10 jackets we mentioned below keep you dry and warm perfectly. Plus, they come with a variety of styles, fits, and price tags to meet your preference. Most of the jackets are available in different colors and totally true to sizes.

    Yet, considering a good product is based on everyone’s’ tastes. To assist you with that, we have come up with the list of top 10 best waterproof jackets for men in 2023. Check them out now and own one during these winter and raining seasons!

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    List of  Top 10 Best waterproof Jackets for Men in 2023 Reviews

    10. OutdoorMaster Men’s 3-in-1 Ski Waterproof Jackets for Men

    Men waterproof jacket

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    A 3-in-1 Ski Jacket from OutdoorMaster is what we highly recommend. It is produced to set for all kinds of weather conditions. Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes that you can choose based on your preferences. It is thin and lightweight when you are wearing it. Also, it will allow you to move freely and comfortably. This jacket is really special with its waterproof hooded shell and warm inner fleece. These can properly keep you warm and dry in the winter season. Furthermore, in order to keep you more comfortable and getting warm enough, this 3-in-1 ski Jacket carries out a design of an inner fleece liner. 

    In addition, the jacket comes with durable hardware and water-resistant YKK zippers in order to keep it everlasting. You can adjust the cuffs to fit well with your arms. Plus, the hood is removable for ease of keeping the helmet in place. OutdoorMaster also offers a 6 months 100% guarantee warranty on your purchasing.

    What We Like:

    • It is made of highly breathable and stretchy materials.
    • The jacket features an inner fleece liner that always offers warmth during winter usage.
    • Highly water-resistant, you can wear it under slightly light rain or snow.
    • It offers 5 color options: Black, Deep Blue, Desert, Graphite, Olive Green
    • The product is totally true to size & provides from S to XXL.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • It does not have a lot of pocket or compartments

    9. Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer Fleece-lined Rain Coat Jacket

    Men jacket

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    Helly Hansen is an eye-catching waterproof jacket for men that we recommend for those who are looking for functionality and style. Thanks to the fleece lining, it is able to keep you warm and comfortable all day even wearing it under the bad weather. Basically, the jacket is best for water protection and breathability since it is created with 100% Polyester.

    Not to mention, a Helly Hansen jacket provides a perfect spot to store your valuable things. Besides, it comes with a variety of colors and sizes for your needs. Also, you can adjust the hood to fit in and it moves with you. But, it can prevent blocking your vision when you do running or walking.

    What We Like:

    • It is thick, yet very breathable and stretchy for moving.
    • The jacket has a lot of functional storage pockets for users to store their belonging safely.
    • It features a fleece lining; thus, it keeps you warm all day.
    • The hood of this jacket is removable. Thereby, fitting your needs and styles.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • If you zip it up for too high, it can block your vision.

    8. Diamond Candy Men Hooded Waterproof Jackets for Men

    red jacket

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    A diamond candy men jacket is made of the 150D outside fabric with its 5000mm function to protect you from being wet. Moreover, you are able to enjoy your outside activities because of super micro soft and warm knitted tricot lining that helps keep you warm all day. Notably, this jacket is included with a venting design with mesh panel under the shell on top back to improve on breathability. This jacket is really comfortable when you’re wearing it because it is inserted with soft touch and lightweight micro fleece lining. 

    Again, this jacket also consists of many features that we can not get over it. You can detach or adjust your hood to suit with a helmet, so that it can protect you from wind in and keep up with a vision. Meanwhile, you can easily store many valuable items like phone, wallet or key inside your waterproof hand pockets. Last but not least, your cuffs can be adjusted based on your tastes. 

    What We Like:

    • The fabric is very soft and breathable.
    • It is lightweight as it is made of micro fleece lining.
    • This waterproof jacket for men offers up to 5 color choices: black, red, blue, green, and dark blue.
    • It has 5 sizes: X to XXL.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • The hand size is a bit big for small people.

    7. Columbia Men’s EvaPOURation Rain Jacket

    men jacket

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    When it comes to looking for waterproof jackets for men, you should never skip Columbia’s products. This Columbia jacket is designed specifically to wear under heavy raining by any chance. It comes with rich woven fabric with a versatile style that makes it become more special in water-resistant. To add on its durability, the shell is advanced with 100% nylon 2.5L 70D EVAP Tech, woven shell, and a 100% Omni Tech Plain. Also, there is weave 2L nylon/100% polyester mesh lining too. For this reason, you can possess its best waterproof protection and breathability performance.

    In addition, underarm vents are designed to add on the jacket’s functions. Lastly, you can easily keep your necessary items in the pockets. Most important, the product offers up to 23 color options. Thus, you can have a happy time choosing your favorite one. 

    What We Like:

    • It is the product of high-quality materials. Therefore, it maximizes durability and comfort.
    • This jacket features one of the popular brands on the market of waterproof jackets.
    • It is available in a lot of color choices & sizes.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • The product is a bit high in price tag.

    6. MOERDENG Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

    jacket for men

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    The jacket really stands out with its multiple functions on the protection, waterproof, windproof, breathable and warm. As a result, you can perfectly enjoy wearing it on any kind of outdoor activity or sport. It comprises fabrics, which combined with superior DWR polymer coating that can keep water on the surface. And, this product also allows users to be free from being wet. Notably, it also contains high performance on breathability. With special high-density fabric and coating that can protect you well from the wind. Moreover, thanks to needle cotton that enables to minimize air movement and greatly keep you warm. 

    Moerdeng jackets are designed with zipper closure, which makes it easy to move up and down easily. You can use an adjustable cuffs function and stretch glove hole to fit with your arm for keeping greater warmth. Also, this jacket is allowed to detach the storm hood in case you don’t want it. 

    What We Like:

    • It has the ability to protect users from rain, wind, sunlight, and more.
    • Coming with zipper closure design, users can customize the zipped length to meet their own needs and requirement.
    • The jacket has a stretch glove hole to meet the size of your arms and cuffs.
    • It offers up to 6 color options & S-XXL sizes.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Should not wash it in a washing machine.

    5. Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

    men outdoor jacket

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    Wantdo waterproof jackets for men always come with a variety of beautiful colors to meet the needs of its customers. This type of jacket is actually produced for those who go for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. It carries out the flawless designs on waterproof, windproof and instantly keeping warm. Thanks to 75D*150D polyester with fiber-like micropore structure, that raises a high level of breathability.

    The hood can protect your head and ears from wind. Furthermore, you would love to see the adjustable hood that you can roll down when you do not need it. Storm hood also adds helmet compatibility, that allows you to play ski comfortably. Notably, the jacket is included with elastic cuffs that stretch thumb holes to stop snow and cold wind to enter into the sleeves. More than that, it also consists of 4 compartments that you can store your valuable items easily and safely. 

    What We Like:

    • It comes with a lot of interesting colors to choose from.
    • The jacket is able to keep greater warmth and protect users from rain, wind, and sunlight.
    • It is ideal for intense activities that involve with strong winds and snow.
    • Its cuffs are very stretchy which makes it convenient for wearing.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Nothing to dislike

    4. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Jacket

    Snow Jacket for Men

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    The jacket advances with resistant Polyester fabric and stretchy spandex that makes it flexible and comfortable to wear. It is very suitable to protect water, oil, and dirt that keep you dry and warm ideally. Plus, A 3D three-dimensional rim hood is able to keep the user away from wind and coldness. Besides, it is easy to hide and expand based on the user’s intention. Thanks to the AXILLARY VENTILATION SYSTEM with a zipper, that enables for keeping you warm under your arms.

    Not to mention, a FREE SOLDIER jacket comes with up to 7 pockets that you can put your transitive items such as phone, key, earphones and other accessories in. Additionally, it is also designed with the first class of durable and everlasting fabric. Most importantly, the drawstrings on waist and hood are for creating the look and make it fit for users. Lastly, zippers are really stable and fluent that can easily move up and down.  For those who prefer simple colored waterproof jackets for men, you can check this out. 

    What We Like: 

    • Being made of the blend of Polyester & Spandex fabrics, it is very stretchy and comfy to wear.
    • The jacket has a very reasonable pricing.
    • It comes with 7 pockets which are enough to store your belongings.
    • The zipper system is very smooth for zipping.
    • It is available in 4 color choices & provides up to 5 sizes to choose from.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • It does not have bright colors.

    3. Marmot Men’s Minimalist Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

    Jacket for men

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    Here is for those who are looking for any bright-colored waterproof jackets for men. This Marmot jacket is thin and lightweight which is one of the greatest options to choose from. Even though it is lightweight, it has never failed to provide better performance and long-lasting use. You are free to use it for hiking, backpacking, cycling, and other activities under the bad weather. What is more, GORE-TEX and PACLITE technology come along with each other to provide water protection, breathability, and packability as well. In the rainy season, you are allowed to move up your hood and roll down when you do not need it. 

    You would feel more comfortable with the high-level airflow that is created by the Pitzip feature. Moreover, a Marmot jacket also comprises drawstring hem and waterproof pockets to add up on the quality of the jacket itself.

    What We Like:

    • It comes with a lot of bright colors; it is suitable for those who dislike dark colors.
    • The jacket offers high-level of airflow and great breathability.
    • There is also a built-in Pitzip feature.
    • The pockets are also waterproof which is perfect to keep things like phone, camera, earphones, etc.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • It has a very high pricing

    2. The North Face Men’s Venture 2 DWR Rain Jacket

    The North Face Jacket for Men

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    The North Face always brings to standout a great range of its productions. It is picked up as one of the best sellers that make it take over other productions. It is small and thin that you can wear comfortably. More to that, it has never disappointed users on its quality and durability. Also, its water-resistant stands out alongside with its wind protection standardization. What is more, it also comes with a specific feature to create a perfect performance on its breathability.

    Not to mention, it possesses 100% windproof fabric Pit Zip technology, and an adjustable hood velcro. It is composed of adjustable cuff taps to be fit in and protect wind and rain from outside. To ensure better protection from wind and water, The North Face issues storm flap with velcro closure to cover the front zip hem cinch-cord.

    What We Like:

    • It has a Pit Zip technology that ensures higher protection against the strong wind.
    • There is also an adjustable velcro system on top of the front zipper.
    • It is very breathable and comfortable to wear.
    • The jacket has a very reasonable price and offers a wide range of color options.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • More suitable to hiking other than casual wear.

    1. 5.11 Tactical Waterproof Jackets for Men

    Men Jacket for Snow

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    Aurora Shell Jackets from 5.11 is highly recommended because they always come with a wide range of productions. Instantly, this jacket is designed to meet both functionality and style. It produces 15K/15K water-resistant and breathable. Furthermore, you can stay warm and dry with no doubt. Apart from this, when you want to go out to do demanding activities even under the wet weather, this jacket is one of the best options for choosing.

    Notably, with one added advantage, it comes along with media ports in the left chest pocket that allow you to enjoy listening to your music. With this product, you feel free to move and perform a variety of motions on your own. Plus, Airflow is optimized by underarm zippers creation. In fact, even if you have an upcoming race, the Aurora Shell jacket meets all your requirements on your list. 

    What We Like:

    • It has a 4.9 star rating on the internet.
    • The jacket provides a very reasonable price tag.
    • There is able a media pocket for you to listen to music while doing your job.

    What We Don’t Like:

    • Nothing to dislike.

    Buying Guide to Choosing Suitable Waterproof Jackets for Men

    Actually, when it comes to choosing clothes or jacket, it is not hard at all. You only need to bear in mind a few tips when you look for the product. Those tips include consider size choosing, preferrable colors, and be sure about your requirements. Look at the below tips to get the most suitable product for yourself.


    First of all, you have to think about the size that best fits you. For example, if you do not like to wear something tight, you should go for the jacket that is 1 size bigger than your regular size. This will allows you to have more space to move and stretch easily. Some people who are tall, they can also go for 2 times bigger of a size.


    When you look for the right size, you should also look for the right color too. Most of men’s clothes come in dark colors like black, grey, blue, army green, and so on. Still, there are some waterproof jackets for men that bring about bright colors like red, orange, light green. Thus, it would be better to go for the jacket the product that offers a wide range of color options to choose from.

    Know Your Requirement

    It is important to always understand your requirements when you are looking for any waterproof jacket for men. As there are a lot of types of waterproof jackets available on the market, you have to know what you need it for. For instance, if you only need a waterproof outwear for outdoor running or bicycling, you can go for something thin and breathable. However, if you want to use it for hiking during snowing or winter, you can look for the thick one. More than that, you can also get the ones that feature warm inner fleece to keep yourself warm.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the best waterproof jackets for men in 2023?

    A: You can have a look at the products from Free Soldier, Columbia, The North Face, and MOERDENG.

    Q: What is a waterproof jacket called?

    A: You can also call it as raincoats, or water-resistant coats.

    Q: What are the best ways to maintain your waterproof jackets? 

    A: The best way is to always wipe clean it once you get home from raining or snowing. You should always keep it dried, it is better to maintain it with dry cleaning.


    In short, all of the waterproof jackets for men picked on the list come with functionality and styles to perform their works. Each of them is highly water-resistant, wind-protective, and breathable. Based on the review above, we hope you will be able to find an ideal type jacket for your needs. Enjoy looking for your favorite one to continue your outdoor hunt.

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