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Best Glow Worm Toys in 2023

    If you are looking to find any gift for your kids or others’ kids during any holiday or their birthday or even a regular day, the glow worm toy is one of the best if not the best one for you to choose from. Not only function as a toy, but a glow-worm toy is also able to be used as a sleeping companion for babies and toddlers, and some even have lighting and beautiful music along with the glow-worm toy. 
    Without a doubt, these important features have a great ability to attract kids’ attention. Scientifically proof, kids are always captivated by soft light and soft music. There are many amazing glow-worm toy brands out there; therefore, we have done some research on the size, shape, features, and here we can present you with the 10 Best Glow Worm Toys for your kids.

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    List of 10 Best Glow Worm Toys in 2023

    10. Glo Worm Snuggle & Soothe 9″ 

    Glo Worm Snuggle & Soothe 9" 

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    In our tenth spot, we have Glo Worm Snuggle & Soothe 9”. In reality, its size is 2*10*8  inches. Due to its size, it is very cute and appealing for kids. Preferably, this product is used for kids and more preferable for babies as their sleeping companions. In fact, it has two main features that help to soothe and snuggle babies, especially at night. To illustrate, those two features that help to soothe and snuggle babies are the soft lighting and music.
    Undeniably, the soft lighting is important for attracting kids’ attention, making him or her fall in love with the toy, and making them feel comfortable to sleep at night. Nevertheless, it is the 10 minutes of continuously played sound that plays the most important in helping the kids sleep. Scientifically proof, soft music helps to diminish blood pressure and make you feel more comfortable while sleeping.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Soft light
    • Soft music
    • Good size

    A Little to Perfection

    • Tearable

    9. Nuby Glo-Pals Bee

    Nuby Glo-Pals Bee

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    Nuby Glo-Pals bee is a type of glow worm toy that is ranked in our ninth spot on the list. Nevertheless, with the great bee design, it has attracted many kids, toddlers, and babies’ attention. Firstly, let’s look at this amazing design. Altogether, Nuby Glo-Pals Bee has a bee similar design and has a variety of soft colors such as light blue, yellow, bumblebee, purple, and mint that can stimulate a kid’s senses.
    Moreover, it also includes soft music and soft light for making kids feel comfortable to sleep at night. Without a doubt, the toy is made of BPA free materials and has 6*4.5*8.5 inches dimension. In addition, it also needs 3AA batteries, yet the first three AA batteries are included in the box. Lastly, you can clean your glow-worm toy with damp clothes and we don’t suggest using too much water.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Unique design
    • Great color combination
    • Include three AA batteries

    A Little to Perfection

    • Short lasting music 

    8. Playskool Pink

    Playskool Pink

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    Playskool Pink is our eighth spot. Intriguingly, if your kid is crying or sad and you walk by a toy store and you don’t know what to buy to console your kid immediately, Playskool Pink is the best choice for you. Because of its frustration-free packaging, you will be able to unbox the new toy immediately for your kids and show them one of the most adorable pink and parakeet glow worm toys.
    Uniquely, you can wash it in the machine. As mentioned, you can put Playskool Pink inside a pillowcase and throw it into the laundry and let it do its work. Moreover, you will hear and see a gentle lullabies song and a glowing face when you squeeze it. Lastly,  it has three modes for you to choose from long mode, short mode, and glow-only mode. All in all, this is the best shower and bed companion gift for your babies or kids.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Three modes
    • Machine wash
    • Frustration-free packaging

    A Little to Perfection

    • Girly design 

    7. World’s Smallest Glo Worm

    World’s Smallest Glo Worm

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    As its name, in our seventh spot, we have the smallest glow worm toy on earth. In reality, World’s Smallest Glo Worm’s size is 3* 0.5* 0.5 inches. Interestingly, the brand name of the manufacturer is the World’s Smallest. Although it is smaller than the other three products on our list above, it still grabs many kids, toddlers, babies attention in toy stores,s or any place that has toys for sale.
    Normally, this tiny adorable glow worm toy is called a bedbug because of its size and its function. For the same reason as other glow worm toys, World’s Smallest Glo Worm is designed to have a light that can allure kids and entice them to sleep at night. Yet uniquely, it has a smaller size than others, so the squeezing is more comfortable and easier,álong with softer and smaller light.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Tiny size
    • Light-weight
    • Comfortable to hold

    A Little to Perfection

    • No soft music

    6.1982 Hasbro Playskool

    1982 Hasbro Playskool

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    For the sixth spot, 1982 Hasbro Playskool is a vintage glow worm toy. Basically, it looks like a glow-worm, but only has two arms. Moreover, it has a green hat with orange fur at the end of the hat and green cloth. Furthermore, it has two blue eyes and a soft banana face. Lastly, a charming smile, and it also has a zipper on the back of the glow worm toy. 
    Furthermore, it needs two C batteries to process its progression. However, these batteries aren’t included in the package of the toy. In addition, this glow worm toy’s face and head will light up when you squeeze the body and it will give off a soft glowing. More than this, it is soft and comfortable to hug and hold, and it is one of the best bed toys for your kids. Due to its design, it is a little bit pricey.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Great design
    • Soft glowing
    • Vintage

    A Little to Perfection

    • Quite expensive

    5. Pillow Pets Glow Plush Toy

    Pillow Pets Glow Plush Toy

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    So far so good, our fifth spot Pillow Pets Glow Plush Toy is a 17 x 14 x 4 inches glowing pillow. Without a doubt, it is a very great glowing pillow for night time activities with your kids such as night time story, camping, sleepover, movie night, or just a simple tool to attract your kids to go to bed. Of course, it would be way easier and more fun to get your kids to sleep at night.
    Moreover, it is also usable for all ages. Therefore, you can use it as a regular pillow for your reading section, nap, movies time, and for your trips. Evidently, it is made of BPA and  PHTHALATES free; therefore, it is safe for your babies. In addition, Pillow Pets Glow Plush Toy uses over thirty different child-safe LED lights that will never get hot and will automatically turn off after 20 minutes. Nonetheless, it needs three AA batteries.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Child-safe LED light 
    • BPA and PHTHALATES free 
    • Adorable

    A Little to Perfection

    • No soft music

    4. World’s Smallest Glo Worm and Sock Monkey (bundle set)

    World's Smallest Glo Worm and Sock Monkey (bundle set)

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    In the seventh spot, we presented you with the world’s smallest glow worm. Nonetheless, now let’s take a quick glance at our world’s smallest sock monkey. In the same fashion as the world’s smallest glow-worm, the world’s smallest monkey fits comfortably to your hand and it is very easy to hold and squeeze. Moreover, if you are collecting the world’s smallest toy collection this bundle is a perfect one for you.
    In fact, it is cheaper when you buy the world’s smallest glow worm and sock monkey (bundle set) rather than buy each item individually. To emphasize, this bundle will provide you one tiny glow worm toy and one sock monkey toy, which has a miniature edition of the authentic sock monkey. Therefore, this bed bug bundle is a really great gift for your kids.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Two toys in one purchase 
    • Frugal purchase
    • Small and Cute

    A Little to Perfection

    • Shreddable

    3. Funko Pop Retro

    Funko Pop Retro

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    On our third spot, Funko Pop Reko glow worm toy is a hybrid toy between Funko pop and glow worm toy. Without a doubt, the design of this glow worm toy look-alike a Funko pop. Moreover, it is made from vinyl, and its size is 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.75 inches, which is perfectly fit inside our hand and our kids’ hand. Summing up, it is a small green, banana, black, and orange Funko pop glow worm.
    Uniquely, this glow worm toy not only attracts so many kids and toddlers but also teenagers and grown people also love to buy this product too. Normally, grown people buy it for decoration or for their Funko pop or glow worm toys collection. Whereas, kids tend to love the glowing more than the design of the Funko pop. In fact, it will glow in the dark. 
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Timeless
    • Glow in the dark 
    • Funko-pop-style

    A Little to Perfection

    • No music



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    Fisher-Price glow worm toys are our second spot due to its unique design. In detail, it is a seahorse, and it is so adorable. In addition, it is adorable, cuddly, and soft, and babies and toddlers very much love this one. Along with these, its size is 11.42 x 5.51 x 5.12 inches. Just like other glow worm toys, it will have a gentle and soft glowing and requires two AA batteries. 
    Above all, the Fisher-Price glow worm toy also has a soft soothing sound. In order to make the sound, babies need to gently squeeze the toy. Therefore, this will teach your babies about the causes and effects of their actions. More than this, it also has power and volume control. And there are eight gentle lullabies, ocean sounds, and classical tunes that will help to calm your babies to sleep and have a good dream.
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Eight music options
    • Power and volume control
    • Unique design 

    A Little to Perfection

    • Tearable

    1. Fisher-Price Seahorse

    Fisher-Price Seahorse

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    From the same company as above, Fisher-Price Seahorse is our first spot. Although it has many similarities to our second spot. Nevertheless, it still has many unique advantages to stand out and ranks itself on the top of our list. For instance, the price of our first spot product is more decent than the second one. In reality, for both standard and frustration-free packaging, the first product price is cheaper than both of the second spot prices.
    Moreover, Fisher-Price Seahorse has eight gentle music tunes that can help to soothe your kids to fall asleep. In addition to this, it also has those soft lights that can allure your kids too. Similar to the second product, it requires two AA  batteries. Lastly, it is machine-washable after you remove all the electronics, and its color is blue, yellow, orange, and purple combined. 
    Take-Home into Consideration

    • Soft and gentle music
    • Decent price
    • Machine-washable 

    A Little to Perfection

    • Not durable

    Buying Guides to Choosing Best Glow Worm Toys in 2023


    There two main functions that are important for your glowing worm toy. Indeed, those two are soothing music and gentle light. Therefore, check if the product you are to buy has any of these two and how good quality they are.


    Expensive doesn’t always equal high quality. Thus, do some research about the product or read our review above thoroughly before deciding to purchase. Additionally, make sure that you buy from the right store. Because some places sell the product at a higher price than others. 


    Of course, the glowing worm toy is for your kids, so you should show your kids a variety of its design and let them decide which one they like the most for themselves.


    Ask yourselves, why you want to buy the toy in the first place. For making your baby fall asleep, for traveling, for squeezing to release stress or what. Then you can decide which size is suitable for your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Glow Worm Toys in 2023

    What can a glow worm toy teach a child?

    Glow Worm toy is a good teacher to teach your child. Because it’ll teach your child the cause and effect of their action. They need to gently squeeze the toy to make it glow, so if they don’t squeeze or squeeze too soft the light won’t glow, and if they squeeze too hard it’ll be broken.

    Where to buy glow worm toys?

    Normally, you can find glow worm toys at kids’ toy stores, or you can buy it online on some reliable website like amazon.


    There are so many glow worm toy brands out there in the marketplace. Hence, after we have done so much research to ensure that our ranking and information are accurate. And here we confidently present you with The list of 10 Best Glow Worm Toy in 2023. And you can choose the one that you like the most.
    Without a doubt, if you want to buy a gift, which is useful and meaningful for your kids, the glow-worm toy is one of the best options for you if not the best. Moreover, the price of the glow worm toy won’t be too high or too expensive, so almost everyone could afford this adorable and functional toy for his or her kids.


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