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Top 10 Countries with the most islands


    Islands offer a unique environment due to their isolation. You may have heard people visiting different islands so that they can enjoy living there. The islands are rich in biodiversity, making them very attractive. It is estimated that more than 700 million people live on islands. Some countries have few islands, while others have a lot of them. Below you will get a list of countries and the number of islands they have. A country such as Sweden has more than two hundred thousand islands. It comes at number one when it comes to counting the number of islands. Below is a list of countries with the most islands.

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    1. Sweden


    The country has more than 221,800 islands. Although Sweden has the most islands, most of them are not inhabited due to several reasons. Even the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm, has a collection of islands. There are more than 50 bridges that connect the capital city. There are several attractions on the island which make it a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a country where you can visit and get the opportunity to see several islands.

    2. Finland

    The country comes second with more than 188,000 islands. From the Finnish tourism body, it is stated that the country has 179,584 islands, and about 98,050 are available on the several lakes in the country. In Finland, you will get more than 188,000 lakes. Only 455 islands out of those available on the lakes are habitable. They are connected using underway connections. Most of the islands serve as recreation and expedition areas.

    3. Norway


    In Norway, you will get about 55,000 islands. Norway has several Islands which even make it hard to calculate the total length of the coastline. Spitsbergen is the largest island in Norway. Svalbard is the only inhabited island in Norway. People visit several islands in Norway to enjoy seeing a wide range of flora and fauna. They are among the most exciting places you can visit. The country is among the top ten due to the several islands. The islands offer unique features. Tourists from different parts of the world visit the area to enjoy several tourist attractions features.

    4. Canada

    Canada island

    Aerial view of the Thousand Islands region on the border of the USA and Canada. The 1,864 islands of the region are diviided between the USA and Canada.

    In Canada, there are about 52,455 islands. Baffin is the largest island in Canada. It covers about 195,927.93 square miles. There are more than 30,000 islands within Georgian Bay. They form the largest archipelago in the freshwaters. More than 250 islands in Canada are not habited. It is among the top countries where you can come across several islands. It is a country where you will get to enjoy a lot due to biodiversity. They are spread across the country, making them attractive to people looking for a wide range of attractions.

    5. Indonesia


    More than 17,508 islands lie within the Indonesian territory. Most of the islands in the area were created due to volcanic activities. Some of the islands are located in Southeast Asia in the Oceania region. The country forms the 14th largest by landmass in the world. Some of the major islands you can get in Indonesia are the Malaku and the Sunda groups of islands. People love visiting the Indonesian islands due to their beautiful beaches. Some of the features from great tourist attraction include the prehistoric items, volcanos, and wildlife.

    6. Australia


    The Australia tourism board estimates there are about 8,222 islands in the country. More than 3,747 of the islands are located towards the Western Australia region. About 1,955 are in Queensland, Australia, and the rest of 1,000 are located in Tasmania. Other islands are spread across the country. You can visit the country and enjoy beautiful wildlife, among other features. Australia is known for wild animals such as kangaroos and the duck-billed platypuses. The Great Barrier Reef, forest, and lakes in Australia also part of the great tourist attraction sites. The tourist attraction sites draw several people to the country.

    7. The Philippines

    The Philippines

    In the Philippines, you have about 7,107 islands. It is a tropical country in Southeast Asia where you will get to enjoy a wide range of attractions. Features such as the attractive beaches and the turquoise waters make it very attractive. Luzon is the largest island in the country. Quezon City forms the largest city in Luzon. You will never feel let down after you decide to visit the city. It is a great place where you can get to enjoy life to the fullest.

    8. Japan


    At 6,853 count, japan appears among the top countries with a lot of islands. The Japan archipelago spreads more than 1,869 miles. It is a combination of more than 6,853 islands. Some of the major islands in Japan are Honshu. It forms the largest island in the country. It has a capital city in Tokyo. Most islands in Japan are natural, but there are also human-made islands in the area. Other main islands in japan are Shikoku, Hokkaido, and Kyushu.

    9. United Kingdom

    United Kingdom island

    In the United Kingdom, you have more than 6,289 islands. The whole UK is an island separated from Europe by the North Sea and the English Channel. When taking in to account all overseas territories and the mainland, you will have several islands, making it appear among the top ten countries with the most islands. Some of the big islands are Skye, Fair Isle, Orkney, and Isle of Wight, Mersea, Herm, Lundy, Anglesey, and Bryher. You can visit several islands in the United Kingdom to enjoy the several tourist attraction they have to offer. The islands are spread across the country, where each comes with its attraction.

    10. Greece


    There are about 6,000 islands in Greece. Only about 166 islands in Greece are inhabited. The islands come in several clusters, such as the North Aegean islands located off Turkey West coast. The Argo sardonic islands located near Athens, the Dodecanese near Turkey, among others. Many tourists flock from Greece due to the several attractions the islands have to offer. You can visit them to learn about the rich history of Greece, among other attractions.

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