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TOP-5 Ways to Improve League of Legends Skills

    League of Legends isn’t an easy game. You need to invest lots of effort and time in it to achieve results. No wonder enthusiasts take every session so seriously! Some feats are unbelievably difficult, but when you win, the feeling is incredible.

    To gain those victories, you need skills. While many players get experience within the game, it may take years until you become a true master. How about giving yourself a boost?

    There are at least 5 ways to improve LoL skills and jump to the next level quickly and easily. Gladly, we know all those methods and are ready to share them with you. From educational videos to professional LoL boosting, we happen to know all the tips and tricks that will make your champion a true leader.

    This guide is quite comprehensive, so let us share the outline:

    The Problem with Most Recommendations

    On a Quest to LoL Skill Improvement

    1: Watch Different Videos By Amateurs and Professionals

    2: Consider LoL Boosting

    3: Consider LoL Coaching

    4: Read Educational Articles on LoL Online

    5: Find Online or Physical Courses in Your City

    Add Analysis, Communication, and Practice

    Table of Contents

    The Problem with Most Recommendations

    Before we start, let this part be a disclaimer.

    What works for one player may not work for another one. We’ve tried to combine universal yet diverse techniques that would fit different people. But you should understand the number of skills and their volume. 

    There’s no ultimate list of tips to get to Gold or Diamond. There are honest recommendations from people who have researched the topic well or got to that result already.

    There are two types of skills in LoL:

    • Game knowledge;
    • Mechanical skills.

    Some things you will learn fall into one category, some can be placed into both, and others, like your attitude while playing, is a completely different topic.

    Consider that before the start, and realize that the learning will take time.

    On a Quest to LoL Skill Improvement

    Promise you will use at least a couple of methods from the following list. Even if you do one thing, you’ll get an x10 result compared to those who will read and forget about the whole quest. And if you do all of these, your result will be x100.

    1: Watch Different Videos By Amateurs and Professionals

    This is a very basic recommendation, but if you watch videos of experienced players long enough, you’ll improve your own skills. In our opinion, the most beneficial algorithm is watching as many players as possible, because:

    • This allows you to learn different tactics due to the variety of material you’re viewing;
    • The approach is suitable for any level of skills because there are all kinds of players recording tutorials and gameplays;
    • You can rewatch some of the most effective videos.

    We recommend diversifying your list of favorite players if you have one. Watch 2-3 videos a day with focus. Make notes if necessary to ensure you remember all the tips and tricks you have learned.

    Then, practice the tactics in the game. Of course, there will be times of trials and errors, but eventually, you will look back at the fights you’ve lost earlier and wonder how come. 

    2: Consider LoL Boosting

    LoL boosting will help you reach a higher level much faster, learn from professional players directly, and avoid losing ranking while you’re learning using another method. Basically, this approach involves another player logging into your account.

    Don’t worry, if you work with a reliable service, there will be no safety issues. The players are using high-quality paid VPS services and don’t read or answer messages on your behalf. 

    So, you provide a chosen player with the needed information, and they play for you. Meanwhile, you can communicate with them, asking about their techniques, tips and tricks, how long they have been playing LoL, and more.

    As for the service, we recommend There are several reasons why this is the best choice:

    • This is the oldest boosting and coaching service, helping players since 2013;
    • You can get a discount of up to 25% for a session, which is a pretty generous gift for newcomers;
    • Only professionals are hired by the service, many of them have rewards and certificated;
    • Again, you have an opportunity to communicate with the booster, asking for recommendations;
    • The website is easy to use and mobile-friendly;
    • You have a convenient results table where you can see the progress your booster makes.

    This is an amazing opportunity to reach a goal you’ve been dreaming about without dramatic improvements in game skills. Besides, you can learn while the other person plays for you, which is a solid win-win.

    3: Consider LoL Coaching

    If you’re more interested in skills than in immediate results, LoL coaching is definitely for you. Work with top professionals in the niche, learn all the strong and weak points of all champions, and learn how to win every battle.

    You can use both coaching and boosting at once if you want to get maximum service. One professional player will help you get rewards and avoid missing anything important in the game. Meanwhile, you can learn the top skills needed for success in League of Legends. offers coaching services as well from semi-pro and pro LoL players. You can be coached on a variety of skills and levels. Contact the support team to find out more information on the opportunities you have.

    This is the most professional approach to the issue yet. You get individual coaching, which is better than watching videos, reading articles, or learning in a group.

    4: Read Educational Articles on LoL Online

    Back to theory, if you’re not ready for coaching or just need a little more knowledge and tips for a tough LoL feat, educational materials are all over the Internet. You can find:

    • Guides on certain elements of League of Legends;
    • Blogs of experienced players where they share tips and tricks;
    • Reddit threads where professionals break down difficult teams and explain fighting tactics.

    The gaming community is vast, and there are many platforms dedicated to LoL skill improvement. Approach the search diligently to make sure you find reliable sources of educational material.

    There are many spammy websites that have large texts with pictures but no sense in them and no value. You will spend your time reading an article and close the website not even understanding what you just read.

    Look for reviews online and comments from other players. Also, consider finding a forum or two where you can discuss the game with players of different levels and from different countries.

    5. Find Online or Physical Courses in Your City

    The eSports industry is growing fast. Almost every major city now has lots of courses where certified professionals and tournament winners teach others how to play properly. They share experiences and recommendations that, if put to practice, will help you jump to a new level.

    You can look for physical courses where you’ll make new friends and will learn as a group (maybe it’s easier for you to learn like that).

    Or you can go online and find a course there. Such options also allow you to make friends, and there’s a convenience of not having to go anywhere. Nowadays, with COVID restrictions and all, this is quite a nice alternative to regular education.

    Suit yourself, choose an option that works best for you, and don’t forget to practice your new skills.

    Add Analysis, Communication, and Practice

    There’s a thousand ways to improve your gaming skills. Analysis of mistakes will help you find out your wear spots and those of your opponents. This ensures that next time, you’re going to be ready for everything.

    Proper communication with other players will help you learn more from them for free. Instead of arguing and letting emotions take over, consider this a training course and look for honest feedback. This will make you a better player who can understand any tactic and adjust to it.

    Hours of practice, of course, are inevitable. But if you love the game, it will be a present for you. Lose a thousand times, but that one time you win will open doors to a whole new level for you.

    Remember that it’s easier to master a new skill to a certain extent. Then, every player hits a plateau, and it’s OK. You can spend some time learning new skills and come back later to invest more practice and effort into mastering that one difficult skill till it hits 100.

    We have shared some of the most effective and serious approaches to LoL skill improvement. By adding analysis, communication, and practice, you’re going to achieve the highest heights over time.

    Create a plan. A planned goal is easier to go to. Set it for, say, a year, and then create a plan for every 3 months, then for 1 month, then for a week, and then for a day. And go ahead according to the guide you create towards that dream-come-true moment!

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