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Top 7 Korean Romantic Movies of all Time

    As a media powerhouse in East Asia, South Korea offers sentimental TV arrangements, yet additionally numerous emotional movies. Korea has lighthearted comedies, atypical sentiments, melodramas, and even anecdotal books – making various arrangements of motion pictures for each event be it separation or basic history.

    So in this article, we bring you the list of top 4 most romantic movie from Korea of all time:

    Table of Contents

    #1 200 Pounds Beauty

    200 Pounds Beauty

    Director: Yong-hwa Kim
    Writers: Seon-jeong Kim, Yong-hwa Kim
    Stars: Jin-mo Ju, Ah-jung Kim, Dong-il Sung

    South Korea is the world chief in a plastic medical procedure. Consequently, it isn’t astounding that one of the most well known Korean books ever utilizes plastic medical procedures as an incredible scheme.

    At 200 Pounds Beauty, Kang Han-na, the overweight apparition artist (who offers the voice of the well-known pop star), chose to experience the radical restorative medical procedure in the wake of feeling fizzled and discouraged. She showed up meager and lovely, expecting another personality and resolved to enter the music business all alone terms.

    200 Pounds Beauty gives a simple, however, not precise, available approach to find out about South Korean excellence guidelines. In case you’re not hoping to discover anything, this most loved film industry will keep you engaged with melodies, moving, and plays.

    #2 Be with you

    Be with You - korean movie

    Director: Jang-Hoon Lee
    Writers: Takuji Ichikawa (novel), Su-jin Kang (as Soo-Jine Kang)
    Stars: Ji-seob So, Ye-jin Son, Yoo-ram Bae

    2018 Be With You acting moved through the movies when it debuted, turning into the quickest Korean acting (in front of others like Architecture 101) to arrive at one million one of a kind watchers (in 7 days). With So Ji-sub and Son Ye-jin in the jobs of Men and Women separately, Be With You is the new Korean adaptation of a well known Japanese motion picture of a similar name.

    So J-SB plays Wu Jin, a man who brings up a youthful child. Soo-ah’s significant other (Sun Yi Jin) passed on a year prior – yet she abruptly returned one day in the mid-year, yet without the commemoration of her demise. Be With You adheres to a genuinely standard drama plot, so on the off chance that you are searching for a solid rival in this type, this will be a decent decision.

    #3 I’m a Cyborg yet that is OK

    I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

    Director: Chan-wook Park
    Writers: Seo-kyeong Jeong (as Seo-gyeong Jeong), Chan-wook Park
    Stars: Soo-jung Lim, Rain, Seong-hun Cheon

    One of the most well known Korean chiefs, Park Chan-wook, is known as “Triple Revenge,” which incorporates the Oldboy dark cylinder since 2003. In any case, Park has additionally coordinated I’m Cyborg, yet a lot – a life-changing unique motion picture, giving you another take a gander at the affection.

    I’m a cyborg. However, it’s alright for a psychological establishment. Her saints have a place with a gathering of patients. Park Il-soon (played by pop star Rain) has been hospitalized for her enemy of social conduct and tulipomania, while Cha Young-goon accepts she is a cyborg. Regardless of the undeniable difficulties of systematization, the two build up a one of a kind romantic tale that grasps their psychological issue.

    On the off chance that you are searching for a break from popular books, I am from Cyborg, yet it will be an extraordinary reprieve. The two legends of the film are not ordinary. They show how love can prosper even behind “standard” social desires. Indeed, even without blossoms, candlelight meals, and other sentimental physical highlights, Park and Cha appreciate real love like others. Tragically, it is a reviving and rare message.

    #4 The Beauty Inside

    The Beauty Inside

    Director: Jong-Yeol Baek
    Writers: Seon-jeong Kim, Jeong-ye Park | 1 more credit »
    Stars: Hyo-joo Han, Seo-joon Park, Juri Ueno

    This is a new idea driving The Beauty Inside, a famous Korean lighthearted comedy. This motion picture will keep your consideration with an assortment of scenes, circumstances, and acting abilities. Since Wu Jin changed his body each day, over twelve on-screen characters have played “counting” stars like Park Shin-Hye and Go Ah-sung.

    #5 A Moment to Remember


    Director: John H. Lee
    Writers: Yeong-ha Kim, John H. Lee
    Stars: Woo-sung Jung, Ye-jin Son, Jong-hak Baek

    A Moment to Remember is likewise “a film to recollect.” This acting is one of the most generally welcomed Korean sentiments ever and set numerous points of reference for the class.

    Entertainer Son Ye-jin plays the film’s female lead, a lady named Kim Su-jin. Through a progression of chance occurrences, she meets Choi Chul-soo (Jung Woo-sung), a development foreman. Even though Kim originates from a wealthy family, she’s stricken by Choi’s crude nature. She effectively seeks after them, and the two, in the end, get hitched.

    Reasonable warning: A Moment to Remember is a monstrous tragedy! Even though memory misfortune is presently a well-worn K-sentiment figure of speech, this film was an early pioneer that set a high bar. It executes the memory misfortune idea perfectly, with exquisite camerawork and passionate acting. Bring tissues: A Moment to Remember will contact your heart and tear pipes.

    #6 A Werewolf Boy

    A Werewolf Boy

    Director: Sung-hee Jo
    Writer: Sung-hee Jo
    Stars: Joong-Ki Song, Bo-Young Park, Yeong-ran Lee

    In the present day, an older adult named Kim Sun-Yi gets a call about the offer of her old family home. Coming back to the house, Kim starts thinking again about a unique relationship she had 47 years prior.

    As the title, A Werewolf Boy would recommend, this is certifiably not a typical relationship. At the point when she initially moved to that family home during the 1960s, the youthful Kim finds a non-domesticated kid. She initially accepts that he’s a vagrant from the Korean War, and her generous mother embraces him as names him Chul-soo. Be that as it may, he’s not an ordinary vagrant. His internal heat level is higher than usual, and he acts like a wild brute, unfit to peruse or talk.

    A Werewolf Boy winds up recounting to an endearing story that will carry tears to your eyes. An uncommon whoop goes out to Song Joong-ki for his fragile depiction of Chul-soo. While A Werewolf Boy isn’t exchanged overwhelming, it figures out how to pass on a lot of importance through signals, subtleties, and incredible cinematography. It’ll leave a solid visual engraving of excellent despairing that will reverberate in your heart.

    #7 Castaway on the Moon

    Castaway on the Moon

    Director: Hae-jun Lee
    Writer: Hae-jun Lee (screenplay)
    Stars: Jae-yeong Jeong, Ryeowon Jung, Yeong-seo Park

    Finishing our rundown is Castaway on the Moon, a criminally overlooked atypical sentiment. This is one of those films that will make you reevaluate the implications of affection and life after you get done with viewing.

    Suicide and web enslavement aren’t well known Korean sentiment tropes. Notwithstanding, they’re upfront for Castaway on the Moon, making it this present rundown’s generally significant and socially full film.

    At the point when the film begins, a man named Kim Seong-Geun (Jung Jae-youthful) remains at the edge of Mapo Bridge, Seoul’s most well-known suicide spot. Burdened with obligation, Kim’s finished being a disappointment at life. Sadly, he’s additionally a disappointment at death. Kim hops from the extension, yet awakens alive on a surrendered island in Seoul’s Han River. He chooses to give living alone a shot the island, turning into a cutting edge Korean Robinson Crusoe.

    In the interim, a lady named Kim Jung-Yeon (Jung Ryeo-won) approaches her leisure activity of capturing the Moon. She coincidentally focuses her camera on the island and notification Seong-Geun. Through an imaginative trade of messages in bottles, sand jots, and jajangmyeon (dark bean glue noodle) conveyances, Jung-Yeon and Seong-Geun start to strike up a significant association.

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